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The first of those is The screen is blank because screen captures can’t capture moving video, but what you can see from this is that you can change the title displayed on your video on the fly during your streaming process.All you have to do to start streaming is tap the big red button and you’re live on the web.With that said, I kept it on this list because if the quality and performance is worth the trade-off with ads, then you may actually want to opt for this one..Unfortunately it was also the one with the lowest quality video output on the web, but you’ll see why I like it so much.I noticed very little lag, so I’m assuming the service compresses your stream for faster transmission.I love it that I can immediately publish the live stream link to Twitter.

And, if you enable the GPS feature in the app settings, you can also update the page with your current location, along with the live stream.Simon covered streaming video from your PC to your mobile device – but of course that’s not quite what we had in mind, wrong direction (cool apps though! We’ve also covered a lot of apps where you can stream from your computer to the web, like Grant’s review of Livestream, or Joel’s review of XSplit Technology is always advancing.One big example of how our society is changing is the shift towards putting everything on the Internet.As you can see, you can also chat from your phone with any viewers that are checking out your stream.

My first online star that I streamed live is our Pug, Lucy.Whenever I mention to people that I am obsessed with streaming video apps, I almost always get the same response – why would you want to stream real-time video from your phone? Well, when you have journalism in your blood, the ability to transmit as much information from your location, no matter where you are, is invaluable.It’s for that reason that I’ve always wanted to find the perfect app to stream live video from my Android smartphone.There’s also a section on your account page where you can post to Twitter as well.

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It's for that reason that I've always wanted to find the perfect app to stream live video. PC & Mobile. is it easy to launch live streaming from.… continue reading »

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