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"I'm deeply troubled with all the allegations, and there's absolutely no room for this type of behavior."4.Longterm success hinges on servicing artists, not yourself.

Born in 1959 to Israeli immigrants in New York, Cohen’s career began in Los Angeles in 1984.

Lyor Cohen, the former CEO of Warner Music Group & founder of 300 Entertainment, is taking his talents to Youtube.

On Wednesday, Complex reported that Cohen is leaving his founded 300 Entertainment for Youtube’s Global Head of Music position, a role that will attempt to turn Youtube into more of a streaming service like Spotify, Apple Music & Tidal.

More recently, he has linked with entrepreneur Dez White, with whom he is said to have been developing a new fingerprint payment technology - part of the incoming cashless Transhumanist society.)For his part, in an interview on Hanukkah Radio, in which the host speaks of “a celebration of Judaism in Hip-Hop,” Cohen admitted that Jewish executives have always controlled black entertainment: “Jewish people have always been involved in urban cultural arts, all the way back to the early beginnings of Jazz music. once described Cohen as “the most important man in the whole music game,” and “a mogul,” he responded by stating he’s not comfortable with the term and prefers to think of himself as “a humble servant.” Cohen has been pictured flashing up the ‘666’ and ‘Baphomet’ hand signs, which casts interesting light on his ‘servant’ credentials.

It’s just something that’s always happened.”Cohen was the subject of a video from the Vigilant Citizen site entitled, ‘The Tall Israeli That Runs the Rap Industry.’ It included two Twitter posts from Public Enemy frontman Chuck D, which stated: “The music industry is NOT a game, it’s a business enveloping a craft…” And, in obvious reference to record executives Clive Davis, Jimmy Iovine, Lyor Cohen and LA Reid: “These Clives, Jimmys, Lyors, LAs, etc, look at black people as less than, and don’t consider themselves family…” VC ends the video with a clip from Ice Cube’s song ‘Record Company Pimpin,’ in which Cube delivers a scathing commentary on the corporate exploitation of artists. Tellingly, the first sentence of a mainstream article on about Cohen, states: “If there were a shadowy Illuminati controlling the world of rap, Lyor Cohen would be its all-seeing eye, the man behind the scenes, pulling the strings of the most powerful players and reaping the benefits.”In his formative years, Cohen worked at the Beverly Hills office of Bank Leumi.

His many years at the helm saw him oversee Def Jam’s departure from its parent company Sony, and its merger with fellow corporate giants Poly Gram, Universal and Island, before moving across to the Warner group.