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Luckily the two had organized a surprise mini surprise dinner, which rescued the day from total oblivion.But the wide eyed, glassy, congratulatory smiles of those around the table still some distance from their fifties provided further proof of the terrible precipice I was apparently stepping over.And why is hitting fifty such a debilitating blow for so many.

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Restoring a house in Somerset so we could move out of town became my preoccupation.

Competitive to the core it seemed a self-defeating battle.

I approached my landmark birthday eyes tight shut, hurtling headlong into the dark with my fingers crossed. No matter how sanguine you are about our inevitable journey toward a terminal conclusion hitting fifty is a shocker.

Luckily Saga never fell through my letterbox, welcoming me to a new world of soft food, group trips to heritage sites and Florida cruises but in fairness, they’re not the only ones peddling a prehistoric vision of middle age.

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Once privy to an avalanche of notices of designer sales and new restaurant openings the only unsolicited advertising I was now attracting was for constipation or retirement funding.We are swing voters, choosing our political allegiances not based on party loyalty but by pragmatism and personal choice, yet find me the politician who speaks to us directly?Contrary to popular opinion we have no brand loyalty and can be enticed as easily as any teenager, the difference being we have the money to pay for what we want.Instead for many of my generation, beaten down by cultural forces, retired by a society that renders them invisible, disparaged by workplaces that no longer value their contribution, it can feel like beginning of redundancy.