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Politicians don’t talk to us, advertisers ignore us, we aren’t sold music or movies, fashion or cosmetics, bar ‘miracle’ creams promising to reduce our wrinkles so we might can dare show our faces in public.

‘Mutton’ by India Knight opens with a brilliantly observed comic moment as her heroine prepares to pass a building site and is disconcerted when she’s greeted, not by the anticipated wolf whistling from the merry crew of labourers but total silence.

On film I fared better with iconic movie stars like George Clooney and Julianne Moore, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Sandra Bullock all turning fifty during the same period and offering the possibility that a tweed twinset and sensible shoes weren’t the only future for my accessorising.

It was like inhabiting two separate worlds, a tangible one filled with energetic, sexy, adventurous, hard-working and generally active friends in their fifties and a wider world where neither myself or my contemporaries seemed to exist al all.

When I was ten years younger than Sir Mick, at 21 and working for a record company, I set my retirement date for my company pension at 55.

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But the wide eyed, glassy, congratulatory smiles of those around the table still some distance from their fifties provided further proof of the terrible precipice I was apparently stepping over.The over fifties now own a remarkable 80% of the UK’s wealth yet only have 4% of the UK’s advertising spend directed at them.If that’s not irresponsible business policy I’m not sure what is.When I looked at television, aside from gritty box set dramas, my generation was virtually invisible. Said, they didn’t need any more menopausal comedies-that’s my generation wiped off the screens, apart from Jeremy Clarkson of course.