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21-Apr-2017 20:34

2012 sees her as ambassador for the governments new recycling initiative and as spokesperson for the Geological Institute of Malaysia.

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The same year Maya was given the prestigious role of spokesperson for L'Oréal Paris Malaysia and until now endorses its skincare, cosmetics and haircare line.

Other partnerships since then include Tag Heuer, Nescafe, Innershine, Dulux, Vono. Having been influenced by her father, Maya has been very passionate about the environment from a young age.

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Her genuine tickling portrayal of a girl looking for her true love in the latter film gained her the award of Best Actress in Comedy Role in the second Anugerah Lawak Warna in 2014.

Maya won Best Actress Awards in Malaysia Film Festival and Anugerah Oskar Malaysia in 2008 for her genuine portrayal as a tomboy girl in Anak Halal.

Years after she involved in drama-centric films, Maya then showed her versatility by playing various comedic roles in several hit films.

Other shows that she has hosted are the bridal programme 'Ratu Sehari' (Queen for a Day) in 2004 for Malaysia's Astro Ria channel and the travelogue programme 'Beauty Secrets From The East' in 2005 for TV3.

In 2007, Maya played a variety of lead roles in Pesona Pictures' Waris Jari Hantu and 1957: Hati Malaya and Tayangan Unggul's Anak Halal and continued to receive nominations in various award functions.The film was both critically and commercially successful.She won the Best Actress Award at the 49th Asia Pacific Film Festival 2004 in Fukuoka, Japan.In 2005, Karin reprised her role as the lead in the sequel Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam II and continued to receive critical acclaims by winning the award of Best Actor (male/female) at the Estepona Fantasy and Terror Film Festival 2005 in Málaga, Spain.