Masami nagasawa dating

07-Feb-2017 09:00

Their relationship developed after they appeared together in Fuji TV’s 2005 drama series “Yasashii Jikan.” It appears to have started out as a sibling-like connection, but it blossomed into romance.

The couple were discovered living together in March of last year.(if that article is true) Edited by Transition, 15 April 2009 - AM. if this is true, then even in real life she was able to have a stable relationship with another JE boy.hahahaha well wheher it's true or not, i love them both so it's ok!If he had admitted during a gathering with fans how did the tabloids get to know about it? Masami has been paired with Takki, Ryo, Pi and all this time she's actually with Nino? (im one bitter fangirl..) and also, considering the time it RE-surfaced again..right after the news of Nino's upcoming drama SP with Mao-chan..maybe bansen?? *pout*I dunno WHY does Arashi attract rumors with them whenever they get a new drama/SP though. i'm sorta hoping for nino to get married about 30 or just have a girlfriend in about that age.Although they were rumoured to have broken up, they've actually been seeing each other for the past four years. That's good to hear that both are still doing fine. Their relationship reminds me of Eric and Donna from That 70's Show because Nino is so little and petite while Masami has that mature personality and appears tall.. (Though she better not be the girl that cheated on him before.) hah at first i was quite surprised to hear that Nino admitted openly... Nonetheless if these rumors were true I'd be happy for them both... I have heard about the rumour of them possibly being an item before but this is the first time I have heard either of them talk about it.

Masami Nagasawa and her Boyfriend Yusuke Iseya were in a relation in March 2013 after they started working together in a drama Onna Nobunaga. They are not.… continue reading »

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Masami Nagasawa, 長澤まさみ, Yusuke Iseya, 伊勢谷友介, Broken Up, Split up, Married, Marriage. " and evolved into serious dating.… continue reading »

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