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The Kings lead the Rangers in the Stanley Cup finals after a thrilling overtime victory in Game 1, and you’ve probably read your share of stories about Jonathan Quick and Marian Gaborik.But do you know which Kings player is dating Erin Andrews, which was a landscaper growing up and which speaks five languages?Maximilian Paul Diarmuid Irons was born on October 17th, 1985, in Camden, London.His mother Sinéad Cusack and father Jeremy Irons are well known names in the film industry.Max Irons has had the privilege of dating some of the finest women in Hollywood.He has been previously linked with the likes of Clémence Poésy and Saoirse Ronan. Sophie, from her looks, appears to fit Irons description of his type of woman.Hailing from a family with rich acting history, one would assume that Irons would’ve immediately opted for an acting career, but that wasn’t the case.Irons himself revealed that he had initially not considered pursuing an acting career citing that he didn’t like the fact that acting was the reason why his parents were always away.

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In April of 2017, Max was selected to play a role created by the legendary Robert Redford in the television series, Three Days of the Condor, based on a movie of the same name.Born to veteran actors, Max Irons found himself drift towards acting during his teenage years…The English-Irish man is known for films like Red Riding Hood (2011), alongside Amamda Seyfried, 2013 movies The Host and The White Queen, Woman in Gold (2015) and most recently Bitter Harvest (2017).Read Also: Booboo Stewart Girlfriend, Parents, Wiki, Bio, Height, Body Measurements Max Irons has also done quite well as a model, representing brands like Mango, Burberry and Macy’s.