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22-Feb-2017 00:51

DS: Did you know any of the judges before the show? I’d never really worked with him before, and he turned out to be a really good teacher and what he had to say was really constructive.I’ve known Mia [Michaels] since I was about 16—I’d done the convention circuit with her when I was a kid, but I didn’t really get close to her until I was in her company.

DS: What impression do you think people got of dance from watching SYTYCD?

When asked about his future professional plans, he, as if on cue, receives a call from his agency asking for the third time if he’s interested in auditioning for Broadway’s A Chorus Line (set to debut in fall 2006). Though his SYTYCD winnings include 0,000 and a year’s stay in a luxury highrise apartment in NYC, Nick has opted to cash out the ,000-a-month lease and stay put in L. With the prize money, he plans to repay his parents (they covered his rent and bills during SYTYCD’s three-month-long taping, since he couldn’t work), finish off the payments on his car and trade it in for a new Infiniti FX45 SUV (his “favorite car of all time”), perhaps invest in some L. Melody and Nick not only attended the show’s callback together, but ended up head to head as the top two finalists.

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