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17-Mar-2017 13:32

I was a HUGE Chemical Brothers fan and although they're primarily known as "big-beat" dudes, they had their fair share of acid/deep/hard house (sorry, I can't keep up with all the subgenres : P). Can anyone tell me the name of the late 90's vocal thats a woman singing goes "I need I need a friend bla bla bla someone like youuuu somebody like you" Ty in advance to anyone that can help You guys are great I have to say.Check: "Under the Influence" "Hey Boy Hey Girl" (I used to love dropping this one) "It Began In Africa" (although this one's a bit later--2002) ...can't remember some of their other stuff right now... Reading down some of the lists really brought back some memories for me.If anyone can help, or lead me in the right direction, I'd be very appreciative. Cajmere-Keep Movin Cajmere-Perculator MD3-Pressure Cooker Dajae-Brighter Days Dajae-U Got Me Up Earth People-Dance Yellow House(? Any big names in the electro scene or a few songs that are real big that can kinda lead me in the right direction with that? Hahahaha CZR - Groove To This El Presidente - Cafe Con Leche St Jonh - Agua Planet Soul - Set U Free Sweet Dreamz (White Label) Santana - Oye Como Va (House Remix) Armand Van Helden - Funk Phenomena CZR - Climaxx Man, I can list many many more tracks but that's just the tip of the iceberg.)-Jack My Body Fast Eddie-Hip House Fast Eddie-Booty Call Mike Dunn-Magic Feet Lil Louis-Video Clash Lil Louis-French Kiss I'm drawing a blank now. Pretty much UC Music (Underground Construction), Strictly Rhythm, Aquaboogie, and Fresh Fruit were the hot labels from back then.I need to put together some cd's for some promoters that consist of some vocal/commercial house classics / house remixes of popular tracks from the 1996-2000 era.I'm not too up on that specific genre or that time period as far as commercial house goes.Heres some track that I was hoping to get my hands on.

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Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar(Armand Van Helden REmix) Atmosphear-Dancing In Outer Space-Disorient Inner City-Good Life and Big Fun(a little early but there were remixes too) MAW-Wonderful Person Tell you what DTIC, I'll toss on this thread AND I'll start one for anyone wanting "The List".

I think it was on Aqua Boogie but theres this track, I think its called "La Selva" that I use to love.