Nicole beharie dating

30-Jan-2017 18:21

Just imagine, to be a complete stranger to someone whom you have known for so long, to forget the one whom you thought is your inner soul, to detach someone from your life which was once a part of it.

Yes, it gives a goosebump leaving one completely devasted and broken.

To overcome from her break off with Michael Fassbender it took her quite some time.

Whereas, Michael Fassbender is reported to be dating Alicia Vikander, a Swedish actress since November 2014.

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The pretty 29-year-old and the recently married 31-year-old Brit displayed their natural, easy rapport with one another as they puckered up during a sweet embrace Hitting all the right notes!So, today we shall learn about her current dating scenario and the reasons for break up with her love.While working for the movie “Shame” in the year 2011, the lady met her co-star Michael Fassbender. So, yeah, it just sort of unfolded like that.” The two first garnered buzz after they were photographed in New York City.