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24-Apr-2017 22:20

I'm not denying that the second one is probably unhealthy, and may even herald addictions problems further down the road, but to that kid, that's what social drinking refers to because that's how his social circle works.

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To an 18-year-old high school football player, drinking might mean a twelve-pack of beer every night from Thursday to Sunday because that's what his friends are doing.

I have met some so called social drinkers on other sites but they simply turn out to be in my opinion just alcoholics.

To me a social drinker is not someone who has to have beer in their refridgerator at home at all times and that seems to be the case with the so called social drinkers I have met.

Are these people social butterflies, lounge lizards or something in between? I do beleive in the man upstairs but my church is where ever I am. Then I started have things in my life change my habits.

First my sister died cause she wouldn't/couldn't stop drinking.

She was my only sister and when she died, she was only 26 years old.