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“All I had to do was be passed out on the table,” added Jones. And that will bring new energy to your work.’ The kiss is the first time that they physically touch. He has to get rid of the cream on her lips [from pie] and then kiss.” “He’s very cute,” singer Chan Marshall, also known as Cat Power, who also smooches Law in the film, told the audience at the Tribeca Grand Screening room. I can’t imagine anyone better at kissing.” It was director Wong Kar Wai’s first film in English, but the steamy scene didn’t require words.

Norah Jones has announced additional North American tour dates for 2017 including a performance at the Fox Theatre on Tuesday, May 23 at p.m. Rolling Stone recently named Day Breaks one of the “Best Albums of 2016,” writing that it is a remarkable new album that finds Norah returning to the piano and her jazz roots while also proving her to be this era’s quintessential American artist, the purveyor of an unmistakably unique sound that weaves together the threads of several bedrock styles of American music: country, folk, rock, soul, jazz.

I have always cherished friendships and am naturally inclined to keep in touch with people. At last, I gave up, but I still couldn’t let go of my ill will toward Jane for breaking my big, warm heart.

Our split hurt more than most of my romantic breakups. They got engaged and married and then, when I was pregnant, I learned that Jane, too, was expecting her first child.

I crossed paths with her a few times when she would come through Austin on tour.

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I was completely star struck but tried to act cool.Norah’s songs are a testament to the beauty that can emerge from a broken open heart.Often, when I hear her music, I can’t help but think of Jane and our long-lost friendship.Yet, after the initial surge of compassion, I will admit that some feelings of vengeance crept in.

In 2002 Norah Jones, age twenty-two, released her debut full-length album, Come Away with Me. A low-key, acoustic work that defies categorization but includes hints of jazz, traditional pop, country, and folk; the CD is the kind of recording that would ordinarily have sold several thousand copies, earned admiring reviews in.… continue reading »

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This is the most thorough, comprehensive list of the people Britney has hooked up with and dated. You'll see a number of familiar, famous. Photo via Reddit. Since late 2016, Britney Spears has been dating actor Sam Asghari, who appeared in her music video "Slumber Party." The Best Norah Jones Albums of All Time. 2.… continue reading »

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