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But having cut the training budget, they found there simply were not enough home-grown nurses coming through the system to fill the vacancies.If we do employ nurses from other countries, we must ensure that they are fully qualified and competent to carry out their duties, and that they are competent enough in English to communicate effectively with patients There is little to hinder them.However, recent changes mean that in future they will simply have to complete an online multiple-choice test supposed to assess their competence as a nurse, and a practical exam.Katherine Murphy, chief executive of healthcare charity the Patients Association, explains: ‘We hear from patients on our helpline that there are real issues with nurses from other countries; including problems with communication and a lack of understanding of processes and procedures.‘If we do employ nurses from other countries, we must ensure that they are fully qualified and competent to carry out their duties, and that they are competent enough in English to communicate effectively with patients.These nurses are undoubtedly filling a need, but concerns have been raised about why that need arose in the first place.There are also worries over the ability of foreign-trained medical staff to do the job in hand, because of shortcomings in their language skills or training.Other than up-to-date nursing qualifications, all the applicants need is what is described as ‘intermediate’ English.

He administered ten times the recommended dose of a painkiller to David Gray in Cambridgeshire in 2008, killing his patient.But the recent surge in nurse numbers from abroad is causing deep consternation within the medical community, because it once again demonstrates the inability of the NHS either to plan ahead, or to get the most from the billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money it spends each year.To understand what has gone wrong it is necessary to turn the clock back to 2009, when 17,571 English-trained nurses joined the register having completed their three-year, state-funded degree courses in this country.‘We were told they would be made by cutting waste and cutting bureaucracy, but we were very concerned that nursing and staffing posts would be targeted as a way of making efficiency savings — history also tells us that when money is tight in the NHS, training and education is cut.’That point was forcefully made by the Francis Report.An investigation by the Nursing Times found that 40 NHS trusts – one in three of those who responded - has actively recruited form overseas in recent months, with Spain and Portugal the most popular countries.

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Penny Venables, of Worcester Acute Hospitals Trust, which has taken on 20 Spanish nurses, told the Independent on Sunday: ‘There is a lot of interest from Spain and Greece and countries where there have been economic challenges.

Worse still, when taking blood from the woman, Ms Mysllinj left 12 needle marks on her hand and wrist, did not wear gloves, stuck used needles into the resident’s air mattress instead of putting them in a bin or dish and used needles more than once.

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In the year to September 2014, more than 7,000 nurses, midwives, and health visitors were recruited from abroad, many from Spain and Portugal.… continue reading »

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