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Duke Guillaume branded Harold a perjurer and appealed to Pope Alexander II for support.

After receiving a papal banner in response to his request, William gathered a sizable army during summer 1066 in preparation for invasion.

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Orderic Vitalis identifies Agatha as the daughter who was betrothed to Harold (see above): he records that Agatha regis filia, who had previously been betrothed to Heraldo, was betrothed to Amfurcio regi Galleci but died before the journey and was buried in ecclesia sanct Mari..urbe Bajocensi, son of FERNANDO I King of Castile & his wife Infanta doa Sancha de Lon (Compostela [1037]-Toledo , bur Sahagn, Len, San Mancio chapel in the royal monastery of Santos Facundo y Primitivo).

The latter had received his pallium in 1058 from Pope Benedict X, later regarded as anti-Pope, an appointment which had not been regularised by Pope Alexander II.

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