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01-Feb-2017 10:41

[email protected] The article investigates the range of one of the entertainment tourism, exactly gambling industry in the world, main destinations, its problems affecting to society and perspectives in the future.The general condition of gambling industry and the ways to developing it in Kazakhstan.Introduction The rapid expansion of legalized gambling and the increasing reliance of governments on gambling revenues in the last decade have fostered a rapid rise in gambling activity worldwide.Over the past 50 years, world gambling industry accumulate billions of dollars and is a significant part of the economy of most countries.Gambling is a complex and extraordinary phenomenon.The desire to try one’s luck, to challenge fate, receive a special feeling, quickly and easily get rich was and still an integral part of human nature.The paper aim is the defining of global gambling industry in the world and in Kazakhstan.

Usually, in assessing the legal gambling industry trying to avoid comparing the value of bets and the actual expenditures of participants.

Development of gambling, in which all determine the case, excitement, counted by thousands of years.

Industry-specific and extensively researched technical data partially from exclusive. The statistic shows the size of the global online gambling market.… continue reading »

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