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01-Feb-2017 10:41

In the first half of the twentieth century, the Dutch thinker Johan Huizinga – author of the most fundamental research the phenomenon of the game for today noticed "in the history of mankind game is perhaps the most ancient manifestation of life, since it was born earlier than the culture was formed.

"Gambling came when mankind has invented the equivalent of the cost of natural products, at the same time can be regarded as the beginning of the history of gambling prosecutions.

In this context, the goal of the course work is investigating the global gambling industry in the world, the history of emergence, defining the biggest destinations in the world, determining the perspectives of development of gambling industry in Kazakhstan, by studying world gambling industry.

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The desire to try one’s luck, to challenge fate, receive a special feeling, quickly and easily get rich was and still an integral part of human nature.Development of gambling, in which all determine the case, excitement, counted by thousands of years.Therefor game was not only fun, but also an effective implement of conflict resolution.However, it is difficult to hold a rigid distinction of gambling by commercialization criterion.

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