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This concept is all about supplementing the user’s real, physical world with virtual things, so they appear to coexist in the same environment.

AR brings computer-generated objects into the real world — kind of like how in the movie Space Jam, Michael Jordan can be seen playing basketball with Looney Tunes characters.

They include NFC-enabled credit and debit cards, smart cards, and smartphones that allow customers to complete transactions without physically touching a payment terminal.

Instead of having to swipe their card, shoppers can pay for their purchases just by waving their card or phone over a terminal.

Most brick and click companies even offer seamless web-to-store services such as in-store pick ups and returns.

Most solutions come with tools for measuring foot traffic, dwell time, and more, enabling retailers to gather data and further get to know their customers and their store. In other words, this is where shoppers head to when they’re ready to pay for their items.Clienteling involves relationship-building activities such as using CRM software to collect and track customer data, providing personalized shopping experiences, and following up with shoppers in a relevant and timely way.This refers to a system of payments powered by near field communication (NFC).In retail, AR can be implemented in several ways, including shoppable catalogs, apps that let you see in-store deals when you point your phone’s camera towards a specific direction, or even fitting room simulators.

Case in point: Topshop teamed up with AR Door to create a virtual fitting room for its Moscow location.

It’s where merchants set up their POS system and ring up sales.

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