Online dating recovering alcoholics

22-Nov-2017 08:40

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We’re called individuals for a reason, as we are all individualistic, which means it worth looking into yourself as well as being open to feedback from others, in order to effectively understand when you might be ready to start engaging in sexual activity again.

Some might be ready before a year, others might need longer.

When you first fall in love with someone, it’s sometimes easy to fall into a pattern of spending too much time together…which can be unhealthy.

SOBER: Putting everyone in the same category of “don’t have sex” in the first year of recovery, isn’t very effective nor fair.

SOBER: We believe that it is important to offer the same services to anyone and everyone, no matter what your sexual orientation.But perhaps dating in addiction recovery isn’t so cut and dry?Today, we talk with someone who is trying to make dating and social networking easier for people who do not use drugs or alcohol.We also added some tools for users in distress or in need of professional services through our “Help” feature.