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Example: Last value retrieved Press [Accept] to enter answer.Informative messages can be suppressed with an On-Message Trigger.Question 6: What are Canvases in Oracle Forms and describe different types of Canvases?Canvas is a surface inside a window on which visual objects can be placed. Each item in a form must refer to not more than one canvas. Form builder is a component of Oracle Developer that is used to develop form based Applications for presenting and manipulating data. Question 3: What is a difference between Window, Canvas and View Port?Question 2: What is a difference between Frame, Item and Block? Window is a container for all visual objects that make up a form application.To show and hide canvases programmatically, use the SHOW_VIEW, HIDE_VIEW and SET_VIEW_PROPERTY built-ins.

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Toolbar canvas increases application usability and decrease form module maintenance Time.Modal Window is a restricted window that requires a window exit before moving to another window. Modeless Window is an unrestricted window that the user can move freely.User can have simultaneously access to more than one window.Vertical Toolbar canvas is displayed to the left of a content canvas.