Playing a steam game without updating

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The new monster, a CR 2 Sewer Troll, is a great way to help low-level PCs get acquainted with the regeneration monster ability before they fight the real thing.

[1 new Druid archetype, 6 new feats, 1 new piece of equipment, 2 new spells, 2 new magic items] 20. A GM will appreciate the new templates for creatures that have been repeatedly drained or dominated by vampires.

I haven't tried this method out, so I don't know how well it works.

As I said, I'm not a monster guy, so the fact that I enjoyed this book so much is telling.

Alchemical Blood is a logical thing to introduce in the game as well.

[3 new templates, 2 new simple templates for minions, 2 new feats, 1 new piece of equipment, 2 new magic items] An appendix introduces the concept of "Simple Class Templates".

The artwork for the Bugbear Tyrant (a CR 13 antipaladin) is simply fantastic!

[1 new Antipaladin archetype, 7 new feats, 1 new spell, 2 new magic items] 3. [2 new alchemist discoveries, 3 new feats, 2 new pieces of equipment, 2 new magic items] 4. The picture of the Duergar Monk makes me laugh because of that huge pot belly!

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[4 new alternate racial traits, 4 new feats, 1 new piece of equipment, 1 new animal companion, 2 new magic items] 16. [6 new mutant variants, 3 new feats, 3 new spells] 17. I'm not a big fan, however, of Paizo's artistic take on trolls.

Next, each entry has six pages of full stat-blocks for variant or specialized members of the race, many of which span a range of Challenge Ratings (CRs) (often through the addition of class levels) so that particular monstrous races don't become obsolete once the PCs reach a certain level.

GMs might be surprised how useful this is in expanding the options they have when designing storylines, and the entries include a good mix of martial and caster variants.

I'm not a particularly big "monster guy", but I found this book quite interesting and readable, and enjoyed finishing an entry every night before bed, often drifting off to sleep with fun (and nefarious) new ideas.

Each entry is twelve pages long and includes a half-page picture and a half-page of in-universe flavour text, followed by a really well-written page of description and background that goes far beyond what's available in a Bestiary.In addition, the stat blocks for higher CR versions of every monster makes many of these monsters viable opponents throughout a campaign instead of the old "goblins at Level 1, trolls at Level 5, and neither ever seen again afterwards" problem.I also liked how the addition of class levels can help turn common PC strengths against themselves--an alchemist monster hurling touch-attack area of effect bombs definitely changes up the battlefield!After that, a new creature associated with the race is presented in a one-page stat block--these are often some sort of animal (or animal-like) companion or pet often present.