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It really does freshen up monsters with the options presented.

[1 new Antipaladin archetype, 7 new feats, 1 new spell, 2 new magic items] 3. [2 new alchemist discoveries, 3 new feats, 2 new pieces of equipment, 2 new magic items] 4. The picture of the Duergar Monk makes me laugh because of that huge pot belly!Alchemical Blood is a logical thing to introduce in the game as well.[3 new templates, 2 new simple templates for minions, 2 new feats, 1 new piece of equipment, 2 new magic items] An appendix introduces the concept of "Simple Class Templates".Since there's twenty entries, I can't go into full detail on each, so what follows is more like a list with some very brief comments of things that caught my particular attention added in. [3 new alternate racial traits, 4 new favored class options, 5 new feats, one new spell, 2 new magic items.] 2. The flavour text for this is fantastic (and chilling! I've always thought of Bugbears and just larger orcs before, but this really helps to distinguish them (and make them scary).

There's a really clever spell introduced (Isolate) that renders a creature invisible and silent, but only to their own allies![2 new alternate racial traits, 3 new feats, 2 new weapons, 3 new spells, 1 new magic item] 5. There's a new Oracle Mystery introduced here (Apocalypse) that one of the PCs in my Rise of the Runelords game has taken.So you never know what will prove useful in a game. I've been reading Classic Horrors Revisited at the same time as this book, so I was mildly surprised to see the race again here. The artwork here is great, and I really like the variant ghoul--the Masked Marauder (a CR 8 ghoul bard), who would be a great mastermind villain for an urban campaign. I also liked (and was mildly disgusted by) the explanation of what a Goblin Alchemist formula book looks like.[1 new Druid archetype, 1 new Oracle curse, 3 new feats, 3 new spells] 13. The focus here is on the degenerations and mutations that plague the race. This entry would be particularly useful to players since Half-Orc is a Core race. I still find the race rather bland and forgettable after reading this entry--one of the book's only failures in that department.