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27-Jun-2017 17:54

We saw a few profiles in our initial launch period that made us all feel uncomfortable.It highlighted the need for The Pledge, we wanted to ensure that Chappy didn’t become another platform where people felt that behaviour was OK, or that other users had to put up with discriminatory behaviour.‘Only now are we seeing the detrimental effects on our community, from problems of how we treat one another, low self-esteem, to more extreme forms of depression and mental health issues – even suicide.’ Comments Lee Valls, Psychotherapist.Chappy, the new gay dating app offering solutions for those seeking both Mr. Right Now, aims to tackle the problem head on by introducing a first-of-its-kind The founders of Chappy, Jack Rogers, Max Cheremkhin and Ollie Locke, joined us to discuss this new initiative: The Chappy Pledge is a declaration every Chappy user must sign promising that they will be respectful to all users.From our market research, we found that people weren’t being respectful on gay dating apps and we wanted to get in front the issue and address it.Chappy is a space in which you can celebrate your differences.

All new and existing users now must sign The Chappy Pledge, committing to to be considerate to fellow users.We want to encourage people to question their ideals and their approach when it comes to digital dating.We don’t hope to solve it with just The Pledge, but it’s a very important first step to first recognise the problem and raise awareness within the gay community.We’ve received a huge amount of heartwarming messages and heartbreaking stories since launching The Pledge.