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24-Feb-2017 07:01

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Now everyone is on the Internet, and it is no longer considered weird to tell your friends “we met online!” Online dating has a particular appeal for the polyamorous for multiple reasons: because we are a sexual minority, it can be difficult to meet others open to our lifestyle.Available OKC, as devotees affectionately call Ok Cupid, has long offered the designation of “available” as one of the relationship options from which users can select.

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In an interview with The Atlantic, Ok Cupid officials noted the significant rise in their users’ desire for open relationships, and a first-time drop in the number of users identifying with monogamy to less than half of the people using the site.Other dating websites, especially the more marriage-oriented or religiously-based ones, did not offer the same flexibility.On most other dating websites, people are assumed to be single and dating, but there is usually no category for or conception of married and dating – except for Ashley Madison where married men want to cheat on their wives interact with computer algorithms pretending to be women.It’s a great resource for anyone looking for intimate connections, but its features make it particularly interesting to those in open relationships and the non-monogamous.

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This series will examine OKCupid’s features in detail, from setting up your profile through to sending your first messages.

Table of Contents Introduction Once upon a time, personals dating had a stigma attached to it — the only options were newspaper ads which were paid by the word, or incredibly awkward video dating.