Potuguese men dating

30-Dec-2017 03:52

He doesn't quite share his toys (that's asking too much of any man) but he does share everything else. In the grand scheme of things, both of us are very happy with the other.

I stared at the cloudy sky wishing I went to Portugal instead. No, this definitely wasn’t going to be a summer romance where we frolicked on the beach. I mean, what if the language barrier got to be too much?

A really immature, stupid part of me felt almost proud of snagging Luiz.

The guy was completely oblivious to his good looks, or maybe many guys in Lisbon looked like him. We spent our time going to restaurants, dancing in clubs and taking ridiculous photos in the wax museum. The next morning we took a taxi together, dropping him off at the bus station first.

I booked a separate room for us while poor Pamela had to share a dorm with a few other girls, most of whom were not even there so she was technically alone the whole time.

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He got out of the taxi, just as shy and gorgeous as I remembered him, now wearing a dark jacket and jeans.He hugged Pame and then awkwardly kissed me on the cheek.We took an elevator up to our room, where I felt like the bed was the giant elephant we tried hard to ignore.Lisboa, Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Coimbra, Cascais, Algarve.

I have met someone special through We are now officially dating and very happy. Thank you for a user friendly and flexible site.… continue reading »

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Now, the thing about Portuguese men is. they're kinda the same as any other men. Little boys in adult bodies. The do all the same stuff as a five year old would… continue reading »

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