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At only 17, Token is already many things to many people. Even though I’m young, my childhood already feels like a different life, because I’m looking back and writing on it. I call the shots, I killed the show, the promoter should owe me a bonus. I don't gotta go and provoke it they know that I'm sculpting the holiest omen. Token is likewise sorting out a tour in support of the project. I got my hand on my belt, my chick come along, and it’s getting out of hand. Verse 2: Little boy couldn’t walk on his own, talk on his own, yeah yeah now he can. Growing up in the industry, money's how a medicate. You don't know where you're going, navigate but go-a-that-a-way. Turned down meeting Eminembefore dumb asses called me the new Eminem, suck my dick. Token got loads of accolades and I can show and validate. But Token learned in grade school to be the architect of his own fate. Got 'em stopping, dropping, flopping, walking, jogging, running faster than the flow is. This seems the stuff of fantasy, not high school yearbook.

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You not somebody I'm awesome buddy you got somebody I got some buddies. So I snuck into the local gym to start exercising; as kind of a big kid, I could get away with it. So I took the same approach with rap: Every day after school, I would come home, do my homework, then write and record. A boisterous mix of kick and bass, accented by insistent horn lines, serves as Token’s vocal canvas.

When my shit drop and it gets harder and harder to bite. He returned to the States as the video dropped for his collab with Slaughterhouse flamespitter Joell Ortiz, “Kill at Will.” “This is someone I grew up listening to,” Token reveals. I was listening to him every day, so when he reached out to me, I couldn’t believe it.” Indeed, “Kill at Will” slotted in as the lead single off Joell’s most recent project, That’s Hip-Hop.

Gotta keep my shit clean, shit I'm a successful rapper. I ain't got my license baby but look at all these pussy rappers I drive them crazy. You don't really want it, you want it to happen, that's what a fantasy is. In April 2016, he made a run through France, including a performance at the heralded Chorus Festival, alongside rap icons The Pharcyde and current soul/funk phenom Robert Glasper.

Plus I wash my hands before I take a piss instead of after. I'm finally meeting everybody in the city, looking at all of the women like "pretty pretty" so gimme, gimme, Gimme everything in your pocket, the wallet. You don’t know who or what Token is until you see me live.” Take him in, fans have.

Look up in my pupils, you might have a slipup if you get it backwards. But don’t get it twisted: despite his pedigree in online cyphers, Token makes it clear he’s built for the flesh: “I’m not just this internet guy. I’ve grown a lot and I encourage people to come to my shows to take me in.I’m ‘bout to show you what this whole entire world’s fucking missing. You popped up at the perfect time of my whole existence. Look at all of the information that Token has away.

Yeahhh Have you seen him? When you see him you might tip your hat to Jesus Rashing meaner than the poison ivy but the boy is gliding like the ballerinas… continue reading »

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Comedy · A New York comic is forced to make a new start for himself after his wife leaves him.… continue reading »

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Comedy · A new comedy series following the lives of six 20- and 30-somethings living together as property guardians of a large, disused hospital. Release Date 11 January 2016 UK See more. I applaud Channel 4 at being so modern & dynamic which Crashing perfectly fits with. Yes, it could be considered vulgar.… continue reading »

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