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Monotheistic Religions Scriptural Debating Style: Christians and Muslims Must be Patient and Courteous God's Methods of Communication: Universal Truth Versus Hebrew and Arabic What Causes Religion and Superstitions?

Experiences of God are Illusions, Derived from Malfunctioning Psychological Processes Homocentricity or Anthropocentrism: Why Do Religions Think Humanity Is Central to God and Creation?

About Hinduism" href="hinduism.html"Paganism and old Semite religions.

Judaism" JQPU_Content="Organized Judaism emerged from Babylonian writings.

Belief that God has a special contract with a Hebrew tribe, involving many specific rules of behaviour About Judaism" href="judaism.html"Judaism, Christianity" JQPU_Content="Belief that a single creator god had a son, Jesus Christ, born to a human mother, and that Jesus' crucifixion by the Romans brings salvation About Christianity" href="christianity.html" and there is no archaeological or genetic evidence that any peoples in the Middle East are descended from such a father-figure.

When academics try to categorize and define religion, they often get caught up arbitrarily with just one type.

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The two forms of a religion often struggle against each other.

This new religion was clear, unambiguous and stern about how many Gods there were: exactly one.