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03-Feb-2017 15:47

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When you don't have to structure your life around working and paying your bills, you look at the world very differently.Money doesn't buy happiness, however being poor can make you a miserable bastard.Seems like it would be hard to relate long term to someone who is orders of magnitude richer than you.

A question without answer, 'cause we all have different goals in our lifes.

[Snowflake alert]: interestingly, she is entrepreneurial, has legit hard skills in business and tech (I've witnessed, and am qualified to judge), and works her ass off, despite being born into tremendous wealth (her house has full-time staff, and the parents' fortunes are googleable).

The parents seem to have been self-starters, so it's not old old money.

When the song was written in 1977, Daryl Hall was dating a girl named Sara Allen.

It was about Allen’s ex-boyfriend who was a spoiled fast food heir who was a total “burn out.” TMZ did some investigating and found out the guy’s name is Victor Walker and his dad owned The Walker Bros.Just wanted to hear your guys thoughts on dating a super rich girl.I am 29 and dating a 22 year old russian girl, she is the daughter of a O&G billionaire.If your goal is to be rich and this girl can make you rich, go on.