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31-Jan-2017 03:02

Earlier this month, Taiwanese actress/model Tia Li (李毓芬) was spotted visiting Roy on the set of his upcoming drama Wine Beauty , leading many to believe that the two are now in a relationship.At a recent promotional event in Taiwan, Roy denied this allegation but did confirm that he was single and added that he and Tiffany had not seen each other in seven months.Dear Friends, I would like to dedicate this post to all the people below.

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He was together with Rainie, years ago ;-)Member of the Party Boys- from his blog -Ok, so for those who didn't know, Xiao Gui was Rainie's first boyfriend. They dated for 2 or 3 years and broke up because Rainie entered the music industry and Xiao Gui was still in school, so Rainie had a feeling that they were separated. If you want to watch it, I english-subbed the complete episode here: Parts 1-3 Ultimately, it would be such a wonderful sight to see if that was the case for these two ...

Roy’s Response The Weibo post was taken down soon afterward, but not before arousing a great deal of discussion. Thank you for your attention and blessings, thank you.” In an interview, Roy’s manager Liao Tianjun (廖天駿) confirmed that Roy and Tiffany had ended their relationship three months ago, adding that the breakup was due to their inability to maintain a long-distance relationship.

In the end, Roy also took to Weibo to respond: “To me, love is not a performance. Even if you no longer have any feelings toward those beautiful memories, I will still choose to believe that they existed. Liao found the Weibo post suspicious: “In the entire world, only one person should have access to this photo. ” Source: This article is written by Joanna for Jayne Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

I don’t really know how to tell lies,” later admitting that Prince is her boyfriend. I don’t like it when some guys are so ambiguous and passive when it comes to chasing a girl,” she explained.

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Rainie, who previously said that she does not want to get married, has now changed her mind.First, it's xiao Gui, 2nd-Roy Qiu, 3rd-Yuan Jun Hao (a guy that acted a really small role in Devil Beside You; they were dating after the drama, so all the Mike Hex Rainie rumours were all false)--she dated this guy for awhile but has to break up cuz his family want them to get married, and she was only 22 years old that time. (which finished airing two months ago), lead actors Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang have been busy with their many other projects.Last year, rumors of a breakup arose when it was reported that Tiffany’s mother was unsatisfied with Roy’s inferior educational background and that Tiffany had transferred her affections to her costar Luo Jin (羅晉).

Mar 12, 2012. There have been rumors for quite some time that Roy and Tang Tang have more going on than just co-stars, so this comes as no surprise to me. Especially since Roy has a track record of dating his co-stars Rainie Yang, Chen Qiao En, and now Tang Yan. And Tang Tang is totally his type – the sexy yet.… continue reading »

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Jan 31, 2014. Popular Taiwanese actress-singer Rainie Yang finally confirms rumours that she is dating boyband JPM's Prince Qiu Shengyi. First, it's xiao Gui, 2nd-Roy Qiu, 3rd-Yuan Jun Hao a guy that acted a really small role in Devil Beside You; they were dating after the drama, so all the Mike HexRainie.… continue reading »

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Mar 30, 2013. The breakup of Roy Qiu and Tang Yan, from a relationship that neither ever admitted while they were dating, is turning decidedly ugly with the media. Somewhere Rainie Yang and Chen Qiao En are laughing their heads off, but I only say this because what happens between two people in a private.… continue reading »

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May 18, 2011. Eng Sub Mike He and Rainie Yang First Scandal News Roy Qiu Related. rainie yang are still the girlfriend of mike. answers me pls. word to use in these kinds of situations. scandal assumes something wrong has happened. how could an actor liking and dating someone be considered a scandal.… continue reading »

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