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10-Aug-2017 18:27

How can many of us expect to make a connection online if we struggle to see the other user as a real person?

As technology advances to try and make our lives easier and more streamlined, it seems like we’re continuously running into fresh issues.

Only a complete dick would say that kind of thing to someone at a bar – so why would you send it to someone on your phone?

And why are companies encouraging that kind of behaviour? Getting blocked is mostly fine except for one time when I’d moved from the app to Whatsapp, arranged to meet up, got on very well – only to be told she didn’t have time to date as she’d started a new job (the day of the date, first mention of this) and didn’t want to talk to me anymore.

‘Let’s be honest, tonight didn’t go that well,’ it read.

People who have no regard for others and have no social skills whatsoever can get a date – which they wouldn’t be able to do in real life.‘Dating apps also have a narcissistic side to them—as does the majority of social media platforms—so they do attract more narcissistic users that primarily want recognition more than real date or relationship.They will be satisfied with a swipe and interest of another user and not really care for anything else.‘Also, when we meet people online, we have a wide variety of people to choose from and what we see are only their photos—there is no personal contact. They are not people anymore for us but articles on the virtual shelf that we choose from.

And when a person is objectified like that, we do not feel shame if we are rejected or not approached.’ All too often, Ales says, we depersonalise people on apps to the point that we don’t think twice about rejecting them or saying things that we’d never say in real life.After a while, he started calling her a ‘delusional fattie’.We wanted to find out why someone would spend their time digging strangers out, so a mate took over Gina’s phone and decided to confront Rob.‘It makes it easier for the user to just shamelessly and un-empathically spill their rage, anger, contempt and their own shame and rejection onto the other person.