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Brand new Air Max and they ain't even out though Drippin' sauce excessively and it ain't even called for If the jewelry ain't blindin' me, then what it even about for?Yet, as he retires after nine years on the council and more than three decades in public service, Garcia is being toasted at one fete after another -- sort of like a sports star on his last road trip around the league.The grand finale is a "citywide" celebration at Fiesta Gardens on Tuesday, June 6.1 to 1} Odd Numbers .........1 to 1} Even Numbers .........1 to 1} Inside Bets: One Number......... .........17 to 1} Corner Bet - 4 numbers .........8 to 1} 6 Pack - 6 number bet .........5 to 1} Trio - 3 number bet .........11 to 1} After you place your bet the dealer spins a ball on the roulette wheel.