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Ryan Buell: If you don’t believe in the paranormal, you can at least look at it as metaphors. You’re dealing with the afterlife, you’re dealing with the unknown, you’re dealing with questions about God and spirituality.

Paranormal investigations is really just a way for looking for God and looking for those questions.

He handed you a Tylenol and a glass of water, still smiling. “Even when I’m sitting on the counter you’re still taller than me.” You pouted. “Later.” He promised, backing away slowly and, turning, walked out of the room. “I thought you’d fallen down the stairs again.” Ryan said, looking at you as you laughed in his arms. “God it’s cold in here.” You shivered, noticing the cold for the first time. “Mmm…” You murmured, feeling your pillow move beneath you. ’ You immediately opened your eyes and saw you had ended up sprawled out on the couch with Ryan. “That is so corny.” You snorted, nuzzling into his neck. You passed Heather and Sergey, who had migrated to the other couch, and both of whom were still passed out. “Honest to god, Ryan,” You said, squeezing him to you more, “I’d be okay just standing here for the rest of my life.” “I know. You looked up into his eyes and realized how close his face was to yours.

You saw there was a light on in the kitchen already, and when you walked in, saw Ryan. The throbbing in your head had subsided, leaving only a minor ache, and you thought, ‘Oh my god, that smile.’ Flushed, you said, “Hey.” And hopped up on the counter. Just thinking ahead.” He replied, leaning against the counter beside you. The sound of you hitting the floor brought Ryan and Sergey running downstairs, and, seeing you both rolling around on the floor, immediately pulled you apart. ” Sergey asked, glaring at Heather as she laughed uncontrollably in his harms. You could still hear Heather gasping from the bathroom, however, which was where Sergey had taken her. You’re just jealous ‘cause you don’t have a warm cuddle buddy.” You replied, sticking your tongue out at him childishly. Sorry, Serge.” Heather giggled as well, turning to rest her head on his shoulder. Ryan chuckled and began to stroke your arm, and about halfway through the movie, you’d all fallen asleep. ” You nodded as best you could against his shoulder. Pushing it off, you got up off the couch and wandered towards the kitchen. Ryan turned the stove off and, letting the bacon cool off, walked over and pulled you into his arms again.

After Elton: The book seems to be mostly about your experiences dealing with the paranormal and your experiences on the show.

” RELATED: Ryan Buell Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer As for whether Buell thinks his work with the paranormal has anything to do with his illness, “Maybe,” Buell Tweeted.You knew Heather was in PRS but you hadn’t known about sharing it with two other people, let alone guys. You’d always been interested in the paranormal and, like anyone else who watches the show, Ryan. Come in.” You stepped past him and into a hallway with hardwood floors and classic white walls. “Thanks.” After standing there for a few moments you asked, “My room? Yeah, follow me.” He said, leading you up a flight of stairs to the right. He smiled slightly at you and walked back downstairs. “So much for not making a fool of myself.” You groaned. As you glanced at Ryan over her shoulder, you could see his eyes were on you, which you found odd. “How’ve you been, when did you get here, are you hungry? Especially when said new person appears right next to me.” “Oh…So why didn’t you blush when Serge walked in? You heard heavy footsteps coming, and the door opened to reveal none other than Ryan. He passed one door, opening the one in the middle, on the left. The one to the left is Heather’s, the right is Sergey’s. He held out a hand to help you up, and you gladly took it. You blushed slightly and said, “Only when I go down the stairs empty-handed.” “What? “Hm…” “W-Well, when I was younger, all this stuff would happen and my parents ignored it, and pretended I was crazy or schizophrenic or something.” You explained, “I never could get answers and now I have the chance to.” “We’ll talk later.” Ryan said as Heather’s voice drifted down the hall. ” She asked, her sentences running together in her excitement. “Haha very funny.” Heather said, punching him lightly. You stumbled out of the bed and down the stairs without falling. “You should be.” You said, jumping off the counter and tackling her, sending you both flying into the living room and landing on the carpet. You giggled and said, “Poor Sergey looks lonely.” “Aw. As we’re not filming yet, I don’t need just the core team so would you like to go? Groaning slightly, you realized a blanket had been thrown over you. You blushed bright red, and buried your face in his shirt to his it. You let go as well and instead moved to lean against your normal place on the counter.