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17-Jan-2017 10:11

And, this initial curiosity will most likely lead her to wanting to see you on cam... Note however that if you put up a picture which is obviously not of yourself, the girl will almost always leave the conversation as soon as she discovers the subterfuge.Similarly, make sure your screen name is not overtly sexual...For instance, you could ask"Do you get turned on by guys stripping for you on webcam? Make it sound like you're doing this reluctantly, and that the whole thing was her whole idea...'Truth or dare' will get her gradually excited because she sees the game as a challenge: can she make you strip for her?However, when used in conjunction with the games I talk about below, they can still be strikingly effective.

Girls love to flash guys, they enjoy teasing them, and they love to be flashed back...

Have professional pics taken of your best feature -be it your face or your six pack- but nothing overtly sexually suggestive.

This will intrigue the girl as to whether you really are the person in the picture.

Girls always start up with a few 'truths' questions, and I gradually build up the sexual tension, and leave them in no doubt as to what I'm after:- 'Is that you in the picture? ' (or whatever your best feature in your pic is)- 'Do you have a cam?

' And when she answers, I tell her she's "fucking sexy".- 'Do you have a boyfriend? 'If the girl answers she does not have a cam, or that it is broken, I call her a liar, and tell her I can see that she does... After that (once she's seen you) ask her to show herself on cam.try to avoid names such as Big Dick69, Horny College Boy or even Bum Bandit.Try to make it intriguing and playful: Tease_a_fireman , Love Goggles, etc...It's so easy for the girl to 'next' you for whatever reason (guys outnumber girls 20 to 1 or more on these sites) that unless you make a strong first impression and intrigue the girl, you do not stand a chance...