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1089, 2100 17 CFR 200 , 230 240 Proposed Rules: 230 240 270._: 274 CFR Proposed Rules: 115 1* CFR 2)8 2! The FEA also waives hereby the requirements of section 7(1) (1) (C) with respect to prior hearing. 3379, m axaended.] In consideration of the foregoing. Tltie 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations are amended as set forth below effective December 22. (a) (1) Any person wishing to import crude oil, unfinished oils, or finished products into the customs territory of the United States, may do so by filing an application with the Director in such form as the Director may prescribe.

1289, 1773 CFR 15 CFR 3 30 377 15^ 2076 2076 2226 1486 1044, 1487 1267 2226 Rules: 205 - 22 210 1564 212.., 1295, 1564, 1680 16 CFR 13 753,2078,2079 1612 1061 1615 10«1 1616 1061 1830 — 1061 Proposed Rules: 450 1501 455 . The FEA hereby waives the require- ments of section 7(1) (1) (B) of the FEAA for opportunity to comment prior to the issuance of the regulation amendments adopted today. Tht parties to the sale shall be so Wy responsible f W determlnl DC the sale price ol the licenses In qt Mstlon and for settling the costs ttiereof . Section 213.28 is amended in sub- paragraph (1) of paragraph (d) ; Sec- tion 213.29 Is amended in subparagraph (1) of paragraph (a) ; Section 213.30 Is amended in subparagraph (1) of para- graph (a) ; Section 213.32 is amended in paragrsfciis (a) and (b); Section 213.33 Is amen Kd in subparagraph d) of para- graph (d) ; and Section 213.34 is amended in paragraph (e) , by deleting the words "but subject to supplemental fee" wher- ever they may appear. Section 213.35 is revised to read as follows: g 213.35 Allocalions of Fee-Paid Li- censes for Imports of Crude Oil, Un- finished Oils, and Finished Products.

Under section 7(1) (1) (B) of the Fed- eral Energy Administration Act of 1974 (PEAA), opportunity to comment prior to the promulgation of a inile, regulation or order is protected except where re- quirements for opportunity to comment are waived by FEA upon a finding that strict compliance with those require- ments would cause serious harm or in- jury to the public health, safety, or wel- fare. (d) Subject to paragraph (a) of this section, persons to whom allocations are made under SS 213.9. Where an application Is made for the sale of a license which has previously been Issued, such license shall be re- turned to the Director with the applica- tion.

FEA expects to issue a proposal im- plementing this provision in the very near future. Section 213.9 is amended In para- graphs (a) and (b), Section 213.10 Is amended In paragraph (b) ; Secticm 213.11 Is amended in subparagraphs (1) and (2) of paragraph (f) ; Section 213.- 12 is amended in paragraphs (a) and (b) ; Section 213.13 is amended in para- graph (b) ; Section 213.15 Is amended In paragraphs (a) . and (d) ; Section 213.16 is amended In paragrarrfi (a) ; Sec- tion 213.20 Is amended in subparagraphs (1) and (2) of paragraph (a) ; and Sec- tion 213.21 Is amended in subparagrap Ais (1) and (2) of paragraph (a), smd In ^sdbtiacagraidis (1) and (2) of paragraph (b), by deleting the words "but subject to supplemental fee" wherever they may appear. Section 213.22 Is amended in para- graph (d) to read as follows: § 213.22 Use of imported cmde oil and unfinished oik. Application for sale saay be made before or after issuance of a license.

Published da Uy holidays), by the Administration, Washington, Ch. nder& or requests for information regarding the contents of this issue pn]y may For information on obtaining extra copies, please call 202-523-5240. ~ Oil imports regulations: Presidential Proclamations, conforming amendments 2226 Proposed Rules Emergency Petroleum Allofation Act; civil and criminal penalties for violation 2249 FEDERAL INSURANCE ADMINISTRATION Rules National Flood Insurance Pro- gram: Special hazard areas 2240 FEDERAL MARITIME COMMISSION Notices Complaints filed : Borden Inc. 2267 FCt OD AND NUTRITION SERVICE PDposed Rules Sc tiool limch program : Reimbursement payments 2249 Notices Hearings, etc.: Central Maine Power Co 2276 Eascogas LNO. (3) Applications for refund under this paragraph (d) shall, insofar as practica- ble, be processed by the Director and presented to the Treasury for payment, within ten (10) days of their receipt.

16) and the reg ulatl Is made only -by thi i i The Federal Register provl les by Federal agencies. recorded highlights of selected documents to appear in the next issue, , Monday through Friday (no publication on Saturdays. International and Venezuelan Line 2275 Agreements filed : Board of Trustees of the Gal- veston Wharves and Southern Stevedoring Co.. Inc., et al 2276 Georgia Pqwer Co 2277 Granite State Gas Transmis- sion, Inc ^ 2277 Illinois Power Co 2277 Long Island Lighting Co 2278 Mid Louisiana Gas Co_^ 2278 Montana Power Co 2278 Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.. (4) No refunds under this paragraph (d) to an allocation holder shall exceed the fees and supplemental fees paid by such a Uocation holder.

211 212 213 Pi OPOSSD 5 CFR 213 1467, 1577, 1737, 2073 930 - 2074 Proposed Rules: 2402 — -- 1400 7 CFR 226 — 20 250 14. This would seriously disrupt the issuance of new licenses, both with regard to the amount of bond re- quired and the amoiuit that must be tendered for prepayment. In the event that such bond Is terminated or the face value of the bond is reduced below the outstanding liabi Uty of licenses issued pursuant to the bond, the Director shall revoke all licenses issued pursuant to the bond as provided in Subpart T of Part 205 of this chapter.

X 1002— \ 1131 1430 1701 10' 749 749 Ex Ecunvx Orders: 11157 (Amended by EO 11897) .--- 11531 (Superseded by EO 11895) __ 11647 (Amended by EO 11892).— 11717 (Superseded In part by EO 11893) - 11731 (Amended by EO 11892) — 11846 (Amended by EO 11894) 11861 (Amended by EO 11893) 11867 (Superseded in part by EO 11893) 11892 11893 11894 11895 11B96 11897 : , 1037 1037 9 78 31 351 35: 2071 35, 1465 38 751 OFR PR 3POSED 4 CFR 1040 10 1041 1465 2067 2071 2073 IC 20 5 21). Thus, if FEA failed to revise its regulations imme- diately, they would be Ih conflict with the Proclamation while of no force and effect, and uncertainty as to the actual fees payable could result. (4) (1) Applications for allocations and licenses under this section shall be accompanied by the applicant's certified check or a cashier's check payable to the order of the Treasurer of the United States in the amount chargeable pursu- ant to parsigraph (c) of this section, or by a bond with a svu"ety on the list of acceptable sureties on Federal bonds, maintained by the Bureau of Govern- ment Flnanci£d Operations, Department of the Treasury, in a sum not less than the amount chargeable pursuant to paragraph (c) of this section, con- * ditloned up Mi payment of such amount to the Treasurer of the United States by the date specified in pargaraph (c) of this section.

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That, such rate shall apply in cases where the holdei; of the license establishes to the satisfaction of ie Director that he made a good faith attempt to arrange shipment by vessel ider United States registry and that other vessel was available at reason- )le rates for the purpose at the time lis shipment was made.

4410) 4410 4411 4412 - 1868 1047 1037 749 ( : FR — Continued ( ipo^n^Bux ES — Continued 984.. The new Proclamation removed the supplemental fee, without discretion in the Administrai- tor, effective December 22, 1975. (3) Allocations and licenses imder this section shall be subject to the fee pre- scribed In paragraph (c) of this section.

1490 1872 1490 2610 1886 Proposcd Rttlks: 51 210 225 662 663 722 730 905 907— 928 959— 2074 2249 1078 1774 6 2097 1078 2091 1600 1077 2091 1916 2092 2093 7 14 CFR; — Continued Proposed Rulxs: 37 776 39 1762 71 1605. 5 5 il 613 Il ROPOSEo Rules: 202 406 13 CFR 31)9 9ROPOSBO Rules: 115 2251 1269 1737 1888 1269 1769 1086 1738 1608 18 CFR Proposed Rules: 701 1739 1272 1741 10 1771 2256 2256 1921 19 CFB 159 1273- ^1275, 1467. The waiver of the requirements of sec- tion 7(1) (1) (B) and (C) of the FEAA is based upon the finding that since failure, to implement these regulations Imme- diately could result in serious injury to importers, the foregoing amendments must be made effective at once. (2) Allocations suid licenses under this section shall, to the fx Ulest practicable extent, be made and Issued by the Di- rector within ten (10) days after his receipt of application therefor.

l OUSING MANAGEMENT, OFFICE OF ASSISTANT SECRETARY k lish^ 7 CFR 907..' . as crude oil, unfinished oils, or finished products, make reductions in and refunds from fees by the amount of any excise tax or other levy Imposed subsequent to December 21, 1975 and collected by the Government of Puerto Rico on such materials, provided that re- funds from or reductions In such excise tax or other levy are authorized in the same manner as are authorized with respect to payments prescribed by para- graph (c) of this section.

Where tbe duty drawback exceeds the net duty raid during that period, the net dif- ference shall be applied to subsequent leriods. That when the duty l5ss drawback exceeds the fee Imposed, £,ny excess duty may be used to reduce lees payable during the subsequent six inonths. TITLE VOLUME: 41 Reel 2 / / V CURRENT PERIODICAL SERIES PUBLICATION NO: 2575 FEDERAL REGISTER 4 ISSUES 10 - 21 DATE: January 15 - 30, 1976 pg 2225.,- 4805 of 12 NOTICE: This pieriodical may be copyrighted, in whic K case the contents remain the property o\ the copyright owner. 10— THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 1976 MEETINGS— Interior/BLM; Boise District Advisory Board, 2-12-76 . (b) (1) In the event it is determined after entry that a particular shipment of crude oil, unfinished oils, or finished products Imported pursuant to a license for which a fee has been paid should In fact have been assessed a higher license fee, the importer must within thirty (30) days after notification by the District Director of Customs that a higher Ucense fee is applicable, remit the proper pay- ment to the Director, Oil Imports, by certified check or a cashier's check pay- able to the Treasurer of the United States in the sum of the additional amount due. , The microfilm edition is reproduced by agreement with the publisher. Washington, the republication of material appearing In the Federal Recistkb. Susanville District Multiple Use Advisory Board, 2-27-76 NPS: Appalachian National Scenic Trail Advisory Coun cil; 1-30-76.... (2) In the event an Importer fails to comply with the terms set forth in this section for the payment of fees, the Director shall not entertain any fur- ther applications from said Importer for additional licenses until the amounts due are collected. That the importer certifies as to the volimie of r^tural gas products contained.

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