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Some survivors keep the abuse a secret for many years.

They may have tried to tell an adult and met with resistance or felt there was no one they could trust.

They are what most would call; "Sex Educator Pioneers." They have been married for about 14 years and together for almost 16.

When I asked Andrew to describe their relationship he said this: "We are in a primary partnered, non-monogamous, married relationship with agreements.

Look at all those people -- sharing, connecting ... and have taken over a perfectly ordinary hotel for a weekend of mischief and very sexy, sex education.

Despite the throbbing, driving scene music, you can hear some of the moans, the sharp slap of toys. Dominant types reaching into their toy bags, pulling out some new article to create a different sensation. This is what over 600 people traveled to Columbus, Ohio for ...

An Upper Arlington police lieutenant's recorded encounter with an undercover decoy prostitute from Columbus police has resulted in a criminal charge. Conrad, 47, is charged with soliciting for prostitution, a first-degree misdemeanor. Conrad has been with the Upper Arlington police force for more than 20 years and is one of three lieutenants, ranked just below the chief.

The city of Upper Arlington last week placed Conrad on paid administrative leave, said Emma Speight, spokeswoman for Upper Arlington.

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(RAINN, n.d.) If you have information regarding possible child sexual exploitation, report it to the Cyber Tipline or call Franklin County Child Protectice Services at 614-229-7000.

The off-duty Conrad met what turned out to be an undercover female officer posing as a prostitute.

When he walked into the room, he told her "you look good." She replied: "I told you I don't post any of that fake crap like those other girls do." The woman asked if Conrad had brought his "donation" and he placed on the table.

She steps up, lifts her arm, and that long, leather something whistles through the air ... Perhaps not in garish detail, but certainly well enough. Another spread on a cross, tied tautly by the arms and legs.

I briefly wonder if they are married or just met here and if he might be a police officer or a judge in his day job. What is clear is that they are ordinary people enjoying not being ordinary. The lights are low, but I can still see everything that is going on. Again, her arm moves, her breasts heave and the object of her affection is in bliss.You want spanking, bondage, rope play, LGBTQ, straight, body acceptance, age acceptance, sacred sexuality, tantra, bd/sm and everything in-between? Ohio may be the country's "test kitchen" for fast food restaurants and it may also be the country's only "Test Kitchen" for what "everyday" Americans are wanting to experiment with when it some to sex. Meet Andrew "Barak" Gardinier and Trina "Brat Sheba" Gardinier, "Ordinary" Ohio Citizens By Day (or at least at their day jobs), and Sexual Super Heroes all the rest of the time.For us, it is essential for people to be free to experience their sexual aspect in an accepting environment.