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26-Nov-2017 22:00

I didn’t want any press clippings or 8 million pictures. because its executives agreed to give Prince artistic freedom and let him produce his debut. He went out and played guitar, then overdubbed drums.

By the time the drum part was recorded, it was clear.

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” At that moment, we thought maybe we shouldn’t encourage him to do interviews. I remember in San Francisco, he was sound asleep, the clock radio is blaring at 4 in the morning. He shot up and said, “Never, ever turn off the radio.

I was a poor student, because when a teacher would be trying to teach me how to play junky stuff, I would start playing my own songs. I grew up with Santana and Larry Graham and Fleetwood Mac, all kinds of different things. It was moving, waving like a cartoon, responding to his fingertips. To record a second demo, he enlisted Bobby Z’s brother, Minneapolis recording engineer David Rivkin (later David Z), who had recorded Prince’s band Grand Central in 1975. He had a little cassette machine into which he’d hummed each part. When anyone came in the studio while he was singing, he wanted me to turn the light off because he didn’t want anybody to look at him. I knew if he was worth so much at 18, he was worth that much more at 17. And we sent the tape on a silver reel — it was reel-to-reel, not cassette.