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26-Jun-2017 07:59

In the last episode, you had to handle a crisis situation: the receptionists were suspected of credit cards fraud.

Inspector Baldwin wants to arrest someone as soon as possible.

/ - Don’t say anything - / Click on: Closure at the neck / breast / other breast / pussy / breast / other breast / pussy.

/ Click on: green button / Select answer: You didn’t call me either.

/ Click on: pussy / bottle with oil / panties / Toy / pussy / ass / green button / Select answer: The cops are looking for you.

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Saw her ass and tits like the first time and would see her later. Hammerva 04/26/2014 3 years ago Can't seem to get past the 65% part either. I click on "You didn't call me either", then "How are you anyway", then "Are You Free tonight", then I'll call you later. The maximum percentage possible is displayed at the end of the game. Some of these games say "Congratulations, you have succesfully completed the game", others say "You have discovered 100% of the game". This is not like the "Video chat with..." series in which 100% is enough to have the girl strip and end the game, but you may be able to discover additional scenes along the way, and thus get more than 100%. Freezy D 12/28/2015 2 years ago She's part of the fraud but I'll handle it.