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This growing momentum is particularly visible at the annual commemoration in London of Operation Bluestar, the name given to the Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi’s assault on the Golden Temple complex in Amritsar in June 1984.

Importantly, a number of Sikh fundamentalist activists had fled to the US, Canada and Europe in anticipation of Indira Gandhi’s crackdown on Sikh militancy.

The group have been implicated in the murder of members of minority sects and its primary objective is to establish a Sikh theocratic state otherwise known as Khalistan.

The Sikh Federation UK are a large Sikh political party (conventions numbering 10,000 delegates) but it’s leadership are almost entirely former members of the organisation International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF).

The demand for Khalistan and the pressure to live by the rules of a very narrow version of Sikhism have been intensely invigorated.

Sikh fundamentalism now has many foot soldiers who have become a major thorn in the side of gurdwara committees up and down the country, organising talks at gurdwaras and bussing people in to impose their world view.

Growing confidence among resurgent Sikh fundamentalist networks in the UK was evident in recent protests against inter-faith marriage.

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But key members of the ISYF founded the Sikh Federation UK.

ISYF was established by Bhindranwale’s nephew Jasbir Singh Rode and others living in Walsall in order to mobilise international support for secession from India.

ISYF was banned in Britain in 2001 under anti-terror laws because its members had been responsible for assassinations, bombings and kidnappings.

Every major political party now sends an MP to address the rally in Trafalgar Square.

These demonstrations have grown from a hundred or so fairly marginal student groups, to tens of thousands of participants of varied ages from around the country.The section on marriage states ‘a Sikh’s daughter must be married to a Sikh’ and tells Sikh women to treat their (Sikh) husbands with ‘deferential solicitude’.Fortunately, more liberal Sikhs have spoken out about the hypocrisy of protestors who selectively focus on one section of a man made code of conduct that has itself been amended three times while turning a blind eye to serious issues like familial sexual abuse.The ISYF and the Sikh Federation UK have the same objectives but through their seemingly ‘reasonable’ and ‘civilised’ lobbying tactics, Sikh Federation have successfully garnered support among key politicians leading to their success in lifting the UK’s ban on ISYF.

Mar 21, 2018. NEW DELHI The Home Ministry has conveyed to a parliamentary panel that Sikh youth are being trained at ISI facilities in Pakistan to carry out terror activities in India, and members of the community who are settled in Canada and other places are also being instigated against the country with false and.… continue reading »

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April 3 to May 12, 2018. Neighbourhoods of Castleridge, Whitehorn, Saddleridge, Taradale, Martindale and Coral Springs. https// is an annual campaign held by the Sikh community to raise food and funds for the Calgary Food Bank. Watch for Food.… continue reading »

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Oct 19, 2016. In one such clip, he states 'relationships or dating are not part of Sikhi, marriage is part of Sikhi'. Relationships outside the conjugal. Both the Dal Khalsa and Sikh Federation UK were quick to defend the Sikh Youth UK's protest at Leamington and Warwick gurdwara. While the Dal Khalsa picketed the.… continue reading »

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