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13-Jun-2017 11:31

Happily ever after is possible If you feel that online dating only sets up relationships that are doomed to fail (maybe you're more suited for an offline get-together), know this: a study by Harvard University and the University of Chicago found that marriages of couples that met online were “slightly less likely to result in a marital break-up and were associated with slightly higher marital satisfaction”.

It’s entirely possible for long-term unions that started off as Tinder hook ups to be happier than that of a university romance.

It’s not uncommon to connect with someone on Tinder, only to also see him on CMB, which prides itself on being a “highly curated dating service”.

You might even meet him again on Lunch Click, which doesn’t allow users to chat and instead sets them up on a date.

The chosen date will be at least 21 days after the date of registration and within three months of the date of registration.

And while we may still be more conservative than our American counterparts (Singaporeans are generally said to be lousy flirts) when it comes online dating, there really isn’t any significant difference in our preferences.In this day and age where we can shop for groceries without leaving the house, it’s hardly strange we can also look for love without having to put on pants.READ MORE: Rebecca Lim shares her 24/7 secret to crystal clear skin and every app you'll need for a happier, healthier (and cheaper) lifestyle Not that it’s always been so easy – online dating (oh and, please don't fall for these four online dating scams) has come a long way since the first Internet dating service ( was created in 1995.You’ve probably given online dating a go at least once (read this true account on online dating).

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Even if you haven’t, you must know people who have.

For a long time, the belief was that online dating is only for people who can’t get a date in real life.