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Although she hasn’t mentioned her earnings in clear figures, we suspect the actress must have amassed an enormous net worth in thousands of dollars.

Beautiful and talented, Liza Snyder, with her black hair and Hazel eyes, earns the ability to attract millions of hearts.

Rule Number Two: No Shooting The English Language In The Face Understood, Facebook and other Social Networking sites such as Twitter are all built around small tidbits, rather than massive explorations of philosophical theories, but for the love God and all that is holy, did the word “l8er” really need to be further shortened?

I don’t want to pull any “In my day…” crap here, but when I was in eighth grade I had an English teacher named Mr. Sorensen would both verbally deviated from the rules, and rightfully so.

Facebook can be incredibly useful, but it can also be painfully annoying.

A Modern (and I mean, Digital-Age Modern, here) Gentleman must know the basic etiquette of Facebook, or risk becoming that douchebag who tags the embarrassingly drunk pictures of all their friends, etching them into the permanent archives of their virtual social lives.

In many ways the Facebooks and Twitters of the world are doing us a favor, we’re learning to speak in clear, concise and short declarative sentences, but Gentlemen, you must never contribute to the destruction of our language in any way; if you have to shorten your ‘too’ to ‘2’, you’re failing, you’re simply doing it wrong. Rule Number Three: Censor Your Damn Self If you wouldn’t say it out loud, don’t say it. The only circumstance where this would be permissible is if you actually had yourself surgically connected to your partner to the extent that you are now legally considered one person.


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Following her graduation, she appeared in few episodes of TV dramas such as, ‘The Trials of Rosie O’Neill’ and ‘Murder, She Wrote.' In 1993, she started playing a leading role of Molly Whelan on the ABC and then syndicated crime series ‘Sirens.’ After the drama was canceled, she co-starred in two television movies and also guest starred on ‘Chicago Hope’ and ‘Pacific Blue.' She was a regular cast in the NBC sitcom, ‘Jesse’ from 1998-2000.

Bottom Line: Facebook and other Social Networks are here to stay, the world will keep getting smaller and smaller and perhaps that’s for the best, but this just means that we have increasingly larger battlegrounds upon which we must combat digital douchiness.

Approach your Internet Self the exact same way you would your Real Self.

I immediately assume you are , the guy who stands sweatily next to me on the subway in the middle of summer, wearing no shirt, smelling like a walrus, perspiring buckets and mouth-breathing.


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I get it, one or two shots from your wild trip to Cancun are ok, but your Facebook wall should not make anyone feel like they are being molested by an Ozark.You may be asking, “Do you really think Facebook deserves an article here?” And my answer is this: How many hours a day do you spend on that dangerously interactive site?Later that year, she began appearing as Christine Hughes on the CBS sitcom ‘Yes, Dear.' Likewise, after five years break, she returned to television with a cameo role in an episode of the ‘House.' She revived her ‘Yes, Dear’ role in a 2013’s episode of ‘Raising Hope.' Later, in 2016, she returned to the regular television work starring opposite Matt Le Blanc in the CBS sitcom ‘Man with a Plan.' The 49 years old actress, Liza is highly successful in her career and, with her acting competence, is gaining fame all around the country.