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27-Dec-2017 09:18

Of course if you have a project already created, and only realised this at the end, its a little more difficult.

Solid Works Task Scheduler may be able to add this Custom Property to all of your files.

Alt m n also works) This shows up the list of Name Properties in the Excel file. Once the Excel file is saved, go to Solid Works, pre-select the view (typically the Isometric view) and then go: Insert - Excel Based Bill of Materials. Note: The name you entered in the “Name Property” box in Excel must correspond with the Property in the PART.

(There are 2 columns containing calculations which are hidden.EDIT ——————- So I came across an issue with Excel BOM’s which caught me.It is not possible to have properties such as SW-Title, SW-Author, SW-Filename, or any property with a hyphen ( – ) in its name in an Excel based Bill of Materials. In the Name Property box for each cell, it is not possible to have a hyphen ( – ).Start your free month on Linked In Learning, which now features 100% of courses.

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Develop in-demand skills with access to thousands of expert-led courses on business, tech and creative topics.After rebuilding then updating the cut list, Solid Works was willing to add the offending body back.Weldments are one of my favorite features of Solid Works, not because they are perfect, but because they do work well for my purposes.I created several columns, including “Unit Cost”, “Pipe Cost”, “Total Unit Cost” and “Total Pipe Cost”.

Design Automation DriveWorks for SOLIDWORKS. CustomTools for SOLIDWORKS. Cut list item is automatically updated on save operations. Supports multi-body parts.… continue reading »

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FLAIR for r/SolidWorks. Can I copy this extruded cut I made on the right plane to the top plane. BOM balloons not working correctly.… continue reading »

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Create a Custom Excel BOM. for a Weldment Cut List in a Drawing. In SolidWorks. the tick box “Detailed Cut List”. D. If you do not see a.… continue reading »

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