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22-Feb-2018 07:46

If you want to have children, you’ll have to consider whether fertility will be an issue and whether you or your partner will be around long enough to help raise your kids.

Age differences can also mean significant differences in lifestyle.

No matter how real your feelings are, getting involved with someone under the age of 18 can lead to serious legal trouble.

Even if you’re legally in the clear, a large age difference can undermine the long-term viability of your relationship.

Founded on the firm belief that these friendships are exciting, life-changing and a great way to share life experiences with others.

Over the past few newsletters, we have revisited the issue of having an event for Older Women and Younger Men (Men 25-35 and Women 35-45) and the flip side of an event for Older Men and Younger Women (Men 35-45 and Women 25-35).

If you have a history of dating people who are significantly younger than you, maybe you like feeling like your partner admires your experience, or perhaps you’re just not physically attracted to other people your age.

A significant age difference doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong, but a long-standing pattern is always worth examining.

Sometimes a significant age gap makes a relationship impossible.Bottom Line: Although more men seem to be open to the idea of dating an older woman, the vast majority still want to date younger women.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The following article was in the NY Post last Week BETTER WITH AGEOLD MAN, YOUNG LADY LIVE LONG & PROSPERBy MARINA VATAJ October 23, 2007 -- SOME call them sugar daddies.(Others just call them dirty old men.) But scientists say older men who shack up with much younger women are actually the answer to longevity. According to a new study conducted by Shripad Tuljapurkar and Cedric Puleston of Stanford University, when men mate with women who are eight or more years younger, it increases the life span of both sexes over time. Here's the deal: Scientifically speaking, once people can no longer reproduce, they cease to have a biological purpose.Although comedians joke about these relationships, a significant age difference doesn’t make a relationship any less real or meaningful, though it may create some challenges that don’t exist when romantic partners are close in age.

Navigating the social ramifications of your relationship while struggling with generation gaps can be tough, but a significant age difference can give you the chance to consider new perspectives and appreciate the offerings of a different generation.Be Prepared to Handle Generational Differences No matter how understanding you are, it’s likely that you’re going to bump up against some generational differences.You might have different political views, find each other’s music obnoxious, or have no understanding of historical events that profoundly influenced your partner’s life.A middle-aged man dating a much younger woman has long been thought of in American culture as a classic sign of midlife crisis.

Famous men like Harrison Ford and Michael Douglas make it look easy; they date younger women and have long-term relationships to show for it. However, dating outside of your own age group does have challenges.… continue reading »

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A schedule of the speed dating NYC singles have made famous, with events throughout New York. This speed dating event is for older women and younger men.… continue reading »

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This first-ever M. E. O. W.™ Speed Dating event will introduce younger men, ages 25 -39. Win a MEOW Men Enjoying Older Women t-shirt.… continue reading »

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