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"They really made me feel that maybe leadership is the place I'd like to be." Two years ago, he moved to Toronto to get broader experience at the bank's national office and build a wider network.

He again gained strong mentorship from senior leaders, he says.

As part of this focus, the bank established a number of unique programs including the RBC Blue Water Project, the RBC Emerging Artists Project, the RBC Youth Mental Health Project, the RBC After School Project, the RBC Kids Pledge, the RBC Learn to Play Project, the RBC-WE Partnership, and last year's "Make 150 Count" to celebrate 150 years since confederation (thousands of young Canadians received 0 to donate to initiatives in their communities).

As Canada's leading bank and one of the country's largest employers, RBC has long been known asa trailblazer in many spheres -- including its relationship with employees.

So, as with the client experience, how employees experience working at RBC is a key priority for us in terms of their engagement." For RBC, "design thinking" -- a methodology that encourages solutions-based, creative-style approaches to problems -- means involving the end-user from the start when developing something new.

As an example, Gottschling points to the idea of a new HR program that traditionally would have been conceived at a leadership level, subjected to focus groups, and rolled out to employees.

"I help ensure that all the new strategies and new tools are being rolled out smoothly to the branches in our west Toronto district," says Vu.

"I think that's important, because there are a lot of new technologies being implemented.

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With RBC's support in both time off and tuition assistance, he gained an MBA from Queen's University by taking livestreamed video courses every Monday."The bank has been very, very supportive in my career development," he says.He was able to meet with several senior leaders for mentorship, he adds.It's a recognition that jobs, workplaces and RBC itself are evolving quickly. "Our organization has done an amazing job over the years of focusing on the client experience," says Gottschling.

"Now, in this new world of work, we are looking at employees as consumers of workplace experiences.In coming years, it is likely to be a key model for the RBC branch workplace.On the underground PATH network, there are smaller branches with ATMs and tablet-equipped advisors who help people on the go."I think there are going to be a lot of surprises in the industry," he says, "but RBC has been anticipating these challenges very well." Looking ahead, he says, he believes he'll have the tools to move around the bank into other interesting roles.

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