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If you watch the red carpet video, you'll see that they are just posing for the photographers as demanded. No one on set is allowed to give pictures away, even the smallest handler, showrunner, extra signs up for this.And close to 100 % of the picture you can find on the net from the OL-time, them kissing, being cozy, holding hands are STAGED. This pictures are just made for one reason: Feed the audience and keep the interest high.Hopefully he will have some sideprojects and be something totally different from this Jamie character. The sexual issue may never truly be solved with him and the public because his moon is in Scorpio.When he posted a photo of him as a Batman to his IG hundreds of fans had no idea he had done that before OL. No moon in Scorpio is going to talk to you about their sex life unless you are extremely close to them. They will plot and plot and get you back and it will be very unpleasant. I'm friends with many working astrologers so I asked.Same fans don't know about his past in the theater and his roles as a gay. Maybe not even then, and they do love sex and can often be a bit kinky, but they're aren't into the public thing. He is a Taurus so moon in Scorpio means he was born under a full moon.Somehow he is very adaptable and most of the women believe he's 100% straight because of Jamie, and because of Jamie he will stay in the closet. They are also amazing in bed, so there's that to fantasize about him. It acts like a mirror - everyone wants him and projects feelings and expectations towards him.

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So Sam is feeding the samcait shippers again and posting shippery pics and articles. In one of his tweets he said that the "worst" thing about being in Outlander is to have no private life. Chemistry with Cait is real, they are very relaxed and playful together. Even if he had really discreet partners someone always knows but there is no one really trustworthy who has told anything that could be taken seriously - also I don't quite buy this beard-thing that is supposedly going on with MM.

Cait's real bf Tony Mc Gill, can be quite sure that there is NO danger coming from GAY SAM. He seems to be very private, perhaps even shy or an introvert. If she was a beard wouldn't he had wanted to be seen with her more?

Now all we see is one photo from a restaurant (where they do seem close) and photos of them separately in various destinations. Someone there hinted that he might be bisexual and I have to agree, and maybe he is someone who just simply isn't the type who wants to settle down and be with just one person for a long time?

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