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So that's what keeps it in the zeitgeist, because you have to address some of the things that these candidates are saying. But you could have the same argument of, Well, why are you listening to a dentist? I know Scarlett has a very specific history with the way she grew up — and Kerry has her American journey as well.ESQ: Your Move On ad with Scarlett Johansson and Kerry Williams kind of centers on Romney's positions on abortion and invasive procedures and these issues we've been talking about. And when it came to Move On or anything regarding Planned Parenthood, they do this, and I do it, because we're women and we care about women's issues. ESQ: So how do you react when the right-wing bloggers of the world freak out over these Move On ads or Lena Dunham sitting in her bedroom endorsing the president? If the rumors are true, we can't blame him one bit for trying to holler. So, he might as well take advantage of it while he can, right?As campaign co-chairs go, Eva Longoria is not exactly, you know, John Sununu. Was that because of Sandy, or is there a point when fundraising efforts kind of shut down and give way to the full get-out-the-vote thing?

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Steve Nash dated Elizabeth Hurley - Steve Nash Girlfriend - Zimbio Discussion forum for Steve Nash's girlfriend. Obviously the three of you are important role models for women and bring a lot of attention to anything you say, but do you think it's ultimately that effective? What do you think when you hear this kind of howling from the right as soon as these things go out? ESQ: You know, we were looking for — I don't want to call you a celebrity — higher-profile supporters from the Romney camp to speak with us as a kind of flip-side to your take, and we couldn't really find any.Do you think voters actually listen to what celebrities tell them to do? I mean there's Kid Rock, I guess, but what do you think it is about this president as opposed to even, say, Bill Clinton that draws everyone from you and Scarlett to Jay-Z and Bruce?NBA wives and girlfriends, despite the popular reality show, don’t get much attention lavished on them. Savannah Brinson is one fine-looking lady, but I think there are a handful of women with NBA ties that can outshine her. Barea over perform in last year's playoffs, it should be no surprise that Barea also managed to over perform in the GF department, snagging Ms. I hope she will be able to make the transition from Dallas heat to Minnesota cold following Barea's free agency. Apparently, John Wall's dating IQ is as high as his basketball IQ. Maybe he'll start freestyling really well, proving my theory that rapping skill can be sexually transmitted.

Take a look at these 15 and see if you think that they’re superior to Brinson in the looks department or if you think I’m smoking crack. Dwight Howard's apparently got game in two different areas, having locked down this beauty who excels at basketball, guitar, and gospel singing. Al Horford apparently does better with the ladies than he can do with a ball, having snagged this ex- Miss Universe. She actually won a contest that officially made her not only the hottest girl on the planet, but the entire universe. Before dating De Juan Blair, Logan was a "video vixen" which is probably a nice way of saying that she slept with a TON of rappers. Steve Nash may not have the looks of a Rick Fox, so he must be able to make assists with quick hands off the court as well.Le Bron James announced a few days ago that he’s getting hitched to his longtime-girlfriend, Savannah Brinson.Bron Bron is far from my favorite NBA player on the court, but whatever, best of luck to them and congrats. She's a model, which is sort of like divulging that the sky is blue. Steve Nash Girlfriend - NBA News | NBA Gossip | Hoop And he wasn't the only one. Remember when Steve Nash announced his divorce from his wife of five years on the same day he. STEVE NASH AND GERI HALLIWELL - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos Who is Steve Nash Dating? Rumor: Steve Nash Marriage Ended Over Infidelity On Both Sides. First, the recently-divorced star was spotted with a woman believed to be girlfriend Brittany. Canada Answers - Steve Nash is dating a 22 year old African.

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Longoria confirms her divorce filing and wishes Parker happiness, according to Eva Longoria. Complicating matters is news that Longoria is now seeing newly single Steve Nash, according to J. E. Skeets.… continue reading »

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