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Well, that enthusiasm might be hampered since the group is still determined to take the blackmailer down. [Un]Luckily for them, Brandy already had the broth-filled pot ready for the upcoming hilarious scenes of pain. Back at the mall, it seems that a “Biff-tervention” consists of Holger and Steve being engaged in a corndog eating competition with Biffy, Kimmie, and Greta (unwillingly) as judges; I’m gonna assume that, in Biffy’s mind, guts equal the strength of love.

Meanwhile back in the main plot and having been assured that he and the girls will be free afterwards, Lee was just about tell to Finnwich about the Pyramid’s location before Lynch clamped his mouth. Wait a minute, corndogs, five past twelve, this is the reason that this episode is called “Corndog Day Afternoon”. Amy Benham (This episode’s writer): Suprisingly enough, the sight of dudes porking out on numerous corn-breaded meat-byproducts was just too much for Greta to take, so she stealthily walked away .

With that and her impulse-triggered punches-to-her-face (both of which were accompanied with her verbal abuse to the gloves), the girl has become the laughing stock of the group in Lee and Tina’s hear [Eh, schadenfreude]. Greta: I don’t care how hard someone can swing a hammer!

After briefly diffusing that situation, Cam gets the assembly to order. But, Tina seems prepared for something like this and took out a pair boxing gloves. And to further his claim, Holger presents an article on his phone of middle-school-aged Steve with his parents holding a local spelling bee trophy. Did you really think that acting like an idiot would win me over?! *Points to Holger, who just slid down the escalator railing*Now quite upset with both guys, Greta stormed off, with Holger right on heels… Sheesh man, I’d expect that kind of behavior from a 12-year-old vacationing at a tourist trap in Oregon.

Then the threats: give up my routes down to the tunnels or else. Tina and Jenny have been decoding a book that may explain how to open the pyramid correctly. After that wild ride, Lee tries to reassessing his situation… Well, the good news is that the mysterious book was still left inside, so whoever took Jenny doesn’t have it. On our “non-date.”So, it’s all strictly conspiracy-business for our hero today.

Speaking of the girl, Lee heard her and Tina’s complaints toward someone in the next room. *Logs out*Tina: *Calmer* So, I guess I’ll meet you there. Right after leaving the house and not noticing he’s being watched, Lee uses his skateboard ride to the fairgrounds to call up some reinforcements among his reserve party a.k.a. The first call was to Biffy, who had to decline since he too has a life outside of detention.

Needless to say, Jenny wasn’t thrilled, especially when Tina told her that she should keep them on for the rest of day, but eventually gives in… As it was pitch black inside, the trio decided to use the backlit on their phones to get around and search anything like a tunnel entrance.

provided that Tina can go the entire day without flirting with Lee. Well, Lee and Tina did anyway; Jenny couldn’t even hold her phone with the gloves on.

Strangely understandable after all, Lynch’s protection would be kaput if he had nothing left to offer the wizard. With Lynch finally out cold, Lee finally tells Finnwich that the Pyramid is under the school, and the old man treats the matter as though he found out where he lost his keys (a fact that will be brought up in episodes to come). That’s probably for the best since Holger pulled a move that wasn’t so family friendly: eating a bunch of corndogs in one bite along with the sticks.