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Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control supports the following browsers: Verify that the kernel parameters shown in the following table are set to values greater than or equal to the minimum value shown.The procedure following the table describes how to verify and set the values.However, because new platforms and operating system software versions might be certified after this guide is published, review the certification matrix on the My Oracle Support website for the most up-to-date list of certified hardware platforms and operating system versions: Release 2 (11.2), the Security Enhanced Linux (SE Linux) feature is supported for Oracle Linux 4, Oracle Linux 5, Oracle Linux 6, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.To determine the distribution and version of Linux installed, enter the following command: ) on the system.Note: The kernel parameter and shell limit values in this section are minimum values only.For production database systems, Oracle recommends that you tune these values to optimize the performance of the system.Oracle XML Developer's Kit is supported with the same compilers as OCCI.

Run the following command on the remote computer to check if the shell and the DISPLAY environmental variable are set correctly: This screen is displayed if you select to download the software updates or provide the pre-downloaded software downloads location.To ensure that these checks pass, verify the requirements before you start Oracle Universal Installer.Note: The platform-specific hardware and software requirements included in this guide were current when this guide was published.However, browsers are required to access documentation, and if you intend to use Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control and Oracle Application Express.