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Lastly, while you can certainly have fun with a Native, don't let things get too serious unless you plan to stay in San Francisco.

After all, the Native can never leave; being born at Children's Hospital has no caché anywhere else.

The Native will be happy to invite you to his family dinner in the city. The Native has been on ALL of the road trips and will have solid advice and recommendations about each one.

But while having a local take you under his wing will be great at times, beware of getting too comfortable, as The Native's constant know-it-all attitude can become wearisome and reductive.

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(Seriously, why is it that 60% of dudes at startups don't realize that once you perspire in a T-shirt, you cannot wear it again until it's been washed?Everyone should date a tech nerd at least once in his/her life.After all, there's nothing more refreshing than someone who is super-smart and incredibly passionate about his job.But also that if they're engineers, they may speak a totally different language.

A language that is legitimately interesting to them, but that, unless you're also a tech nerd, is like Finnish to you.What's that about how much fun you had at the Exploratorium?Sure, it's cool now, but not as cool as it was when it was at the Palace of Fine Arts and he threw his fourth-grade birthday party there.Kaufman also suggested that “Tasty’s strong brand and massive fan base give it almost limitless avenues for expansion — from cookbooks to licensing to consumer tech.” The plan is to ship the Tasty One Top in November.