Teen sex meeting

30-Mar-2017 18:27

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They found evidence that teens who have intercourse tend to think their friends are too, even if they're not.

"You're 2.5 times more likely to have sex by the 9th grade if you think your friends are having sex -- whether or not they really are," says Katharine Atwood, assistant professor at the Kentucky School of Public Health.

Adolescents who felt that their families were more supportive were less likely to have unprotected sex, and thus were at a lesser risk for pregnancy and disease.

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Researchers at Emory University questioned 522 sexually active African-American adolescents about the openness and support that their families provided."Ignoring the age of the partners, the earlier a girl was when she first had intercourse, the greater her risk of suicide attempts, alcohol use, drug abuse, truancy and pregnancy," Leitenberg says.The good news is that while teen sex may not be wholly preventable, the health risks it involves can be reduced through communication within the family."If you can persuade them that fewer are having sex than they think," she says, "that can have a significant impact on their behavior." Among young girls, a partner's age is a risk factor for sexual activity.

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