Top 10 intimidating songs

21-Dec-2017 15:27

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All you need is a few notes of your favorite sports TV themes and instantly memories begin to flow.

Not every theme is great, but a select few can inspire as much emotion as the sports themselves.

Mozart threw absolutely everything at this epic, his longest symphony.

Hollywood has changed the lives of many people and given unprecedented fame to others. Acting is never an easy job and there are schools and theaters which give training to actors. An actor has to shed all inhibitions and do something extraordinary to get noticed among several other actors.

He is best known for “Fight Club”, “American History X’, “The Incredible Hulk” and “The Illusionist”.

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Nominated for Oscars 3 times and Golden Globes 8 times, he has done a number of different roles.There are tons of songs by Rahman (both in Hindi and Tamil) that I can’t listen to without feeling haunted or nostalgic.His music represents simplicity and sophistication, passion and restraint.It is never easy to select a top ten list for best actors because there have been numerous good actors.