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Throughout the entire passage, John and Maxine used the Transas i Sailor charting program and have given it acknowledgement and praise in their guide.

Chartlets covering their anchorages were taken from i Sailor charts.

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New folios for Russia Inland Waters: September, 2015 - Dear i Sailor users, To fight problems encountered in i Sailor on Apple devices when upgrading to i OS 9 we have released i Sailor 1.7.6 All the bugs reported have been fixed.Transas i Sailor 1.5.4 was released in June 2013 to run on second generation i OS devices, such as i Phone 3G, i Phone 3GS and i Pad 1.As a very small number of i Sailor users run the application on such devices, Transas has decided to withdraw support of version 1.5.4."Sailing Through Russia" is at the same time a personal account of the crew's trials and tribulations en route, and a detailed cruising guide for adventurous yachtsmen who may follow in their footsteps.