True stories of dating abuse

14-Dec-2017 07:01

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Either way, I should have listened to my intuition. Months started going by and between many of the good times, there were put downs here and there.

Going to a restaurant, where there was this table and a chair near the wall, he says to me, “Why don’t you sit there in the corner and put a hat on it”, like I was a dunce or something.

He was intelligent, loving, funny, charming, good-looking, nice body and we also had a sexual connection.

During the Christmas of 2008 he asked me what would I like for Christmas and this meant the world to me, because I had not shared a Christmas with anyone in a long time and many of the Holiday Seasons had been rather lonely (This was 3 months into the relationship, before the red flags started showing).

He also had referred to his ex wife as a “Heartless Ho” and “YES” this was a red flag to me then, but once again, I didn’t want to listen to it, because all the other times were good.

I was down on myself and this man showed interest in me as well as I did with him. We started dating immediately and I felt excited that I met someone who seemed like a great guy.Funny out that intuition thing is usually right huh? I have seen this wrinkle line on my forehead appear suddenly within this year.He had told me that his ex wives hair fell out one time “Due to an Autoimmune Disorder and her work”, but I know in my gut that it also had to due with having to deal with his emotional abuse. I have felt pain down my left arm on many occasions and I have had many sleepless nights. We even went to see a counselor together because I cared enough for him during that short time that I was with him, to do anything I could to make it work.Other comments like Idiot, Crazy Bitch, Whore came later as the intensity of our relationship got worse due to the verbal abuse and other factors.

I kept staying with him because I just wanted to believe that this man who I had met that evening still was the one and that he could change.

I didn’t want to accept the fact that he became this “Other Person” at times…but the truth is…he had. So, you see, I started to think that there was something wrong with me.

Even good relationships can go bad. Domestic and sexual abuse come in many shapes and sizes. It can happen to anyone anywhere and often it can be hard to recognize.… continue reading »

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