Ubuntu ddclient not updating

03-Jun-2017 16:30

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Now that our local repo mirror is set up and running, we just need to update our Cent OS 7 clients to point to these repos and we'll be done.

To do this, we need to edit the systemctl enable nginx.service && systemctl enable firewalld.service # Enable services systemctl start firewalld.service # Ensure firewalld is running firewall-cmd --permanent --add-service=http firewall-cmd --reload systemctl reboot # System reboot And we're done!

Well, it seems that happens, just delete some files and it will be fine.

It's 2017, are backups of mobile devices really supposed to be that hard?!

Internet suggested they would do it for about 100€, which seemed fair.

As people have been asking about the support experience, here is a quick write up what happened: All in all 9 working days, which is not great, but good enough IMHO. Before sending the device for repairs, had to take a backup and wipe it. So to properly backup your system, you either need root or you create a full backup of the system in the recovery and restore that.

I choose to do it once a day, in the early morning. I give 1h 15m between each rsync pull, just to make sure one completes before the next starts (not that that really matters).

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Was locked out of the device, it would not take my password anymore.The Update Repo contains any package updates since the last minor release of Cent OS was released.For example, the current Base Repo (at the time of writing this) is for Cent OS 7.2, and the Updates Repo contains any package updates since Cent OS 7.2 was finalized. There are also glass-only sets for ~20€, but these require the complete removal of the glued glass part from the screen, and reattaching it, nothing you want to do at home.

But there is also still the vendor, who can fix it, right?From there, we only have to update the baseurl(s) of the repo files on our Cent OS 7 client servers, and profit! If you disable selinux (or firewalld), you do so at your own risk.It is not advisable to do either if your server is directly accessible on the internet (this one should not be), so please do so at your own risk!However, Chromium always opens links in the last window (and by that profile) that was in foreground last. Especially if I open a link from IRC and it might lead to some shady rick-roll page.

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