Ubuntu ddclient not updating

03-Jun-2017 16:30

Now that our local repo mirror is set up and running, we just need to update our Cent OS 7 clients to point to these repos and we'll be done.

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The current Base Repo is a direct copy of a certain release, so it contains all the files located on the iso image you download when you download Cent OS full.

There are also glass-only sets for ~20€, but these require the complete removal of the glued glass part from the screen, and reattaching it, nothing you want to do at home.

But there is also still the vendor, who can fix it, right?

The crack was not really interfering with neither touch nor display, so I had not much pressure in fixing it.

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e Bay lists new LCD sets for 110-130€, and those still require manual work of getting the LCD assembly out of the case, replacing it, etc.From there, we only have to update the baseurl(s) of the repo files on our Cent OS 7 client servers, and profit! If you disable selinux (or firewalld), you do so at your own risk.It is not advisable to do either if your server is directly accessible on the internet (this one should not be), so please do so at your own risk!Finally, I am updating all 3 repo's metadata at am, am, and am, respectively.

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