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Open() Dim cmd1 As New Sql Command("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Applicants", cn) Dim count As Integer = Convert. Execued Value) Dim con As New Sql Connection Dim cmd2 As New Sql Command Dim cmd3 As New Sql Command Dim cmd4 As New Sql Command Dim available As Integer Dim taken As Integer Dim total As Integer Dim var Job Title ID As String If Job Titles Data Grid View. Connection String = "UID=dmegnin; Integrated Security=SSPI; Persist Security Info=False; Initial Catalog=SYEP2007; Data Source=BETASERVE; Packet Size=4096;" cmd2. Command Text = "SELECT Job Worksite Job Tiant ID) AS available Positons FROM Job Titles INNER JOIN Applicants ON Job Job Title ID = Job Title ID WHERE (Job Job Title ID = '" & var Job Title ID & "') GROUP BY Job Worksite Job Tiant ID) AS Expr1 FROM Applicants INNER JOIN Job Titles ON Job Job Title ID = Job Title ID WHERE (Job Job Title ID = '" & var Job Title ID & "')" cmd4. Command Text = "SELECT SUM(Job Worksite Jer) AS Expr1 FROM Job Titles WHERE (Job Job Title ID = '" & var Job Title ID & "')" con. It looks almost certain, for instance, that you could get rid of this additional call to the database in your form_load sub Dim cn String As String = "UID=dmegnin; Integrated Security=SSPI; Persist Security Info=False; Initial Catalog=SYEP2007; Data Source=BETASERVE; Packet Size=4096;" Dim cn As Sql Connection = Nothing Dim cmd As Sql Command = Nothing cn = New Sql Connection(cn String) cn. Applicants Table Adapter.ants) the number of applicants will be the number of rows in that datatable. ;-) Have a think about the general theme we've discussed above.

When updating you can call Update on both dataadapters, and no need for Update_Job Titles_Pos David Is this app operating with the database on a single-user or a multi-user basis?

The Data Source for the Data Grid View is Job Titles Binding Source lable will be updating the database table, that update will have no automatic effect on the appplication's local datatable which is the ultimate datasource (via Job Titles Binding Source) for your Job Titles Data Grid View. What I'm trying to do is to allow a manager to assign Applicants to Job Titles. There are, in the code you've posted, pointers both ways.

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Close() This button Updates the database, but the changes are not reflected in the Data Grid View, Job Titles Data Grid View, until I exit the application and run it again. That datatable was (again, I assume) filled by some sort of . I have a table for Job Titles and another table for the Applicants. There is PK_Job Title ID in tbl Job Titles and FK_Job Title ID in tbl Applicants. To String End If End Sub ..here's trying to keep the selected row on the Job Titles DGV matching the selected row of the Applicants DGV so you can tell who's already assigned to where: Private Sub Combo Box3_Selected Index Chatring con. But the fact that your btn Update Position_Click sub envisages the possibility of a NUMBER of Applicant records being updated at one time makes me feel that a disconnected - do-it-all-in-the-app-then-save - approach might be possible.Tab1 has Applicant information, Tab2 has the Applicant to Job Title assignment tool, Tab3 has the Monitor to Worksite assignment tool, for example. But if you want to preserve Option Strict On for the demo program explicit casting will - as you've discovered - cope with most of the problems. That doesn't mean to say that I won't still be prepared to answer, in this thread, supplementaries on what has been said so far: e.g. Text = "" Msg Box("No more jobs") Exit Sub End If Some sort of Try Catch might handle it, but it's something that should be programmed for specifically rather than relying on that. C I wanted to ask which would be easier to do, incorporate your perfectly working "demo" into my app or add my connection string and such into the "demo".( I actually have several tabs with "trial and error", mostly "error" ;-) So, I should have said, "On Form1, Tab2 has two Data Grid Views: Applicants Data Grid View and Job Titles Data Grid View." Job Titles relationship (also mentioned above) by "key Worksite ID", a primary key in Worksites and a foreign key in Job Titles. The *number* of positions is the only value that matters. Net is still relevant if you are doing data stuff in code rather than using the new controls in . But the = and -= needs a bit more work because it is combining a number of operations: getting the value from the row.item, incrementing the value, putting the value back in the Try, for example Dim my Val As Integer = CInt(old Job Row(0). I was suspecting that something like that would be required, but didn't know how to construct it. like the "the demo code is not working" issue just raised. Roger I will only add a fwe things: Option strict should be set to Off, since you are a beginner. Net programming, turning it On will be a good thing, so you can understand how things work. Value Is DBNull Then 'if not, then there is no Job Title dgvr. Value = "" Else 'if there is, use it to get the Job Title dgvr. Instead of continuing here I asked the question in a new thread here: NET/Q_22513546-David Roger, In my new question (my second comment) I've added a new Data Grid View by dragging the Applicants table from the Data Set so it would create a Table Adapter.sql A1 = New Sql Data Adapter("prc_select Staff", sqlcon) sql A1 = New Sql Data Adapter(sqlcom) sqlcom.

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Roger At Springboard, we know how to get you a job in data science. It may therefore be (we don't know this for certain) that, when you've made a change to the Applicants datatable in your app, you already have IN YOUR APP sufficient information to make any necessary changes to the Job Titles datatable IN YOUR APP.