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sql A1 = New Sql Data Adapter("prc_select Staff", sqlcon) sql A1 = New Sql Data Adapter(sqlcom) sqlcom.

I chose the DGVs because they show multiple rows on the form so the manager can see half a dozen or so kids and jobs at once.I've learned more from your post than I have from two days of Google searches. -David No, don't send any of your application's files - at the moment, anyway. 1) how does the Worksite fit into the scheme of things?There's obviously a Worksite table in the database, which includes key Monitor ID and Total Positions fields.I'm ignoring them right now because when I learn to do Applicants to Job Titles I'll use the same mechanism to do Monitors to Worksites. I only use Option Strict On in exceptional circumstances, and for specific reasons.

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The extra Data Grid View is on another "Tab" in my application which has different tabs for different functionality, e.g. I sure hope you guys are willing to help me with future questions. I haven't gotten very much response to some of my questions, I'm afraid perhaps, because I'm trying to do things so "screwed up" that my questions don't even make sense ;-) Today is Friday. Although according to the docs it "improves performance", I've never done a program in which - after running checks specifically to test this - any difference has been discernable. -David David Although you've not "worn out your welcome", I think it might be a good idea if you closed out this question. I've searched the web for nearly a week now and none of the solutions work. Fill command from a tableadapter or dataadapter originally and it will remain like that unless and until you make changes to it in the application or you use the original . It should be a simple matter, but I started out with the two Data Grid Views and have not gotten anywhere. If so, it would probably be neater and easier to code. Close() This button Updates the database, but the changes are not reflected in the Data Grid View, Job Titles Data Grid View, until I exit the application and run it again. That datatable was (again, I assume) filled by some sort of . I have a table for Job Titles and another table for the Applicants. There is PK_Job Title ID in tbl Job Titles and FK_Job Title ID in tbl Applicants. To String End If End Sub ..here's trying to keep the selected row on the Job Titles DGV matching the selected row of the Applicants DGV so you can tell who's already assigned to where: Private Sub Combo Box3_Selected Index Chatring con. But the fact that your btn Update Position_Click sub envisages the possibility of a NUMBER of Applicant records being updated at one time makes me feel that a disconnected - do-it-all-in-the-app-then-save - approach might be possible.I chose everything I've done so far based on zero experience and no examples to go on.

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